Alec Baldwin Net Worth 2023: How Much Is Baldwin Worth?

From movies to television to Broadway to even voice-over performances, there aren’t many fields that prolific actor Alec Baldwin hasn’t had a hand in during his almost forty years as a thespian. The celebrated star of Glengarry Glen Ross, The Hunt for Red October and 30 Rock, Baldwin has such a long filmography to his name that it stands to reason he’d have a sizable net worth to reflect his success.

Alec Baldwin’s Net Worth As Of 2019: Approx. $65 Million

Baldwin has made his living over the past four decades mostly by keeping himself busy with a wide variety of roles. He openly admits that he’s been in more bad projects than good ones, but seeing as Baldwin has multiple Oscars, Emmys, SAGs and Golden Globes to his name but only one Razzie, he can be safe in assuming that his legacy is firmly cemented.
He has been very open in the past about both his salaries and his philanthropic exploits, making his total value fairly easy to calculate. Based on his charity donations, expansive filmography, continuing roles and upcoming projects, both celebrity lifestyle sites Celebrity Net Worth and The Richest list his overall net worth to be around $65 million. In 2013, he was ranked #83 on Forbes’s list of the 100 highest-earning celebrities.

Early Life

The second eldest of six children, Alec Baldwin was born on April 3, 1958 in Amityville, New York. As a teen, he played football and high school and worked as a busboy at the famous disco nightclub Studio 54. He attended George Washington University where he displayed an interest in political science, but then transferred to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, though he didn’t graduate until much later in 1994. However, he made a name for himself during his time there as a performer and even attended the esteemed Actors Studio where he studied the art of the Method .


Baldwin got his big break in 1980 on the medical soap drama The Doctors which ran from 1963 to 1982. His career catapulted almost immediately as he scored recurring roles on a number of TV shows, including a starring role on Knots Landing. He got his first movie role in 1987 with Forever, Lulu, a film which is remembered today solely for being his first film performance. This led Baldwin to minor roles in Beetlejuice and Working Girl before he certified his potential as a leading man in The Hunt for Red October.
In 1990, Baldwin signed on to a part in The Marrying Man. It turned out to be a fitting title as Baldwin ended up marrying his co-star Kim Basinger only a few years later. He ended the decade on a high note with his first venture as a host of Saturday Night Live. Over the coming decades, Baldwin would become a mainstay of the series and, as of 2018, holds the show’s hosting record with 17 episodes.


Despite confirming his high-profile status as a Hollywood hot-commodity, Baldwin chose not to rest on his laurels in the 1990s and accepted a slew of roles throughout the decade, including arguably his greatest work, the part of Blake in Glengarry Glen Ross. He also began branching out to other aspects of the entertainment industry. He wrote an episode of Law & Order and got a Tony nod for his role in a Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire in 1992.
But behind all his artistic and financial successes, he began to develop a temper. The public first got a glimpse of this side of Baldwin in 1995 when he was accused of assaulting a paparazzi photographer who attempted to photograph him with his wife and newborn baby. It was the first of many controversial incidents which would dog Baldwin going into the 2000s.


Baldwin and Basinger divorced in 2002 which sparked a legal war between the two for custody of their child. He was very frank with the media about how stressful it was for him and his anxiety exploded in 2007 when a recording was sold to TMZ of Baldwin berating his teen daughter. Though he issued a public apology and even joked about it at his own expense later, this incident has shadowed his legacy ever since. Ironically, while his personal life was in shambles, Baldwin was in the most productive and successful phase of his career. In 2006,  he teamed with SNL alum Tina Fey to create the award-winning 30 Rock. The wild success of the show, which ran from 2006 to 2013, helped get Baldwin back on his feet and gave his public image some much-needed rehabilitation.
Since the show’s end, Baldwin has stuck mostly to comedies and minor TV appearances, culminating in his award-winning impression of President Trump that breathed new life into SNl in 2016 and has continued well into 2018. However, Baldwin may have overextended himself and has largely withdrawn from public life, both for the sake of his career and his sanity. Apart from his increasingly infrequent SNL appearances, his biggest public outlet is his Instagram account where he’s more than happy to share pictures of his happy family.


Alec Baldwin pleads guilty to harassment in parking spot dispute but Under the New York law, a violation is not a crime. And he will not serve time or be on probation, according to Tuttle.

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