SNL Mocks Trump’s Compulsive Tweeting, And He Proves Their Point By Lashing Out On Twitter

donald trump snl cold open

(Screenshot via YouTube/ Saturday Night Live)

After a week off, Saturday Night Live returned to our lives this week, beginning with a cold open that had Alec Baldwin reprise his role as President-elect Donald Trump.

During the sketch, Donald’s compulsive use of Twitter is lampooned throughout. While his advisors, including Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway, try to get him focused during a security briefing, the President-elect just can’t stop himself from re-tweeting random people who compliment him.

The real Donald Trump basically proved their point by lashing out at Saturday Night Live on Twitter before the episode was even done. The guy really can’t stop himself from venting on Twitter apparently. Sad!

Enough, dude. Stop watching Saturday Night Live waiting to be triggered, and instead spend that time reading your f**king security briefings.



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