Nikki Bella Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Nikki Worth Now?

Season three of Total Bellas is upon us and everyone’s favorite wrestling twins will be back in our lives! Nikki Bella is the twin who loves glamour and the finer things. In the years she spent with the WWE and as a reality TV star, she must have accumulated a decent amount of income. We’ve all seen her luxurious life with John Cena but with her many ventures, she will definitely be able to continue whatever lifestyle she wants and be a juggernaut of her own now that she and Cena are seemingly done. So how much is this powerful woman worth?

Nikki Bella Net Worth: $5 Million

Nikki and her sister Brie have built quite an empire around them. But how did Nikki become the success she is?


Nikki Bella was born Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace in San Diego, California in November 1983. She was born 16 minutes before her twin sister Brianna. The two were raised on a farm in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nikki and her sister were both gifted soccer players even playing at Grossmont College but decided to give it up to move to Los Angeles and pursue acting and modeling. She would go on to book a few small appearances and was named the World Cup Twins for a Budweiser campaign in 2006 with her sister Brie. Nikki and Brie would be part of the 2006 WWE Diva search which they ironically were cut from. But things were about to change for Nikki and her future with the WWE.


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Nikki and Brie were hired by the WWE in June 2007 and were sent to their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. In August 2008 Brie was brought up to the main roster on an episode of SmackDown and spent a little time there by herself. Until October 2008 when Nikki was a surprise reveal and the twins began working as a tag team. The Bellas would go on to be involved in rivalries between the Colons and The Miz and John Morrison. They also would spend time feuding with Eve Torres and each other. Brie would be the first Bella to win The Diva’s Championship in April 2011 but Nikki wasn’t far behind capturing her first Diva’s Title by defeating Beth Pheonix in April 2012. She would go on to lose the title to Layla only a week later when Brie was pinned and the referee thought it was Nikki. The Bellas were then fired by Eve Torres later that month. But the short title reign and the firing would soon be nothing more than a footnote.



The Bellas made a couple appearances on the independent circuit but they ladies weren’t long for the small show appearances. The Bellas made their return to the WWE in March 2013. They were immediately reinserted in the storyline when they returned and the Twins never looked back. The Bellas became the face of the Women’s division. They were a focal point of Total Divas, a reality show that followed members of the WWE’s Divas Division that premiered in July 2013. Nikki would then enter into a feud with then Divas Champion, AJ Lee. In November 2014 Nikki defeated Lee for her second Divas Championship. This would be a career-defining moment for Nikki. She would hold on to the title for 301 days, setting the record for longest reigning Divas Championship. She would drop it to Charlotte Flair in September 2015. The title would soon be retired meaning that her record will never be broken. After dropping the title she took a hiatus to get surgery and focus on other projects.


Nikki would return again in August 2016 and would periodically appear until Wrestlemania 33. She has since appeared at events like Raw 25 and the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match but has mostly transitioned away from wrestling full time due to other projects and a nagging neck injury. Nikki remains a focal point of Total Divas and even received a spin-off with her sister Brie called Total Bellas. It follows the lives of both women and their family. Nikki and Brie have also launched two companies. A clothing company called Birdie Bee and a wine brand called Bella Radici. Nikki is always looking for the next venture and it seems to come to her naturally.

This season of Total Bellas should be a roller coaster of emotions. We will see how things came to an end between her an John Cena. Though that won’t be the only thing happening in the Bella’s world. Tune in to the E! Network on May 20th at 9:00 P.M. EST and see what the Bellas have in store.

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