Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Getting Ready For 'Gear Up Florida 2018'









The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity in West Miami-Dade, Florida is getting ready for this year’s “Gear Up Florida,” an 850-mile charity ride that will take cyclists up to Tallahassee, the state capital. This will be around the 11th year the fraternity has become involved with the event, which aims to raise money for people with disabilities.

What will this year’s event be like?

The event is essentially a celebration of all that is Florida. It starts off on the shores of Miami, goes through the local orange fields, hits the Gulf Coast, includes a ride through Orlando, hits the Atlantic coast and ends in the State Capitol Complex in Tallahassee.
However, the event is more than just a bike ride. As the official website for this year’s event explains it is meant to both raise money and set an example:

“Gear Up Florida’s programming is what makes this event so unique. Every event is centered on the mission of the trip. Some days team members will visit three different organizations that support people with disabilities. Seeing the direct impact on the people they raise money for is very emotional for team members.”
“You cannot help, but be touched by the gratitude and kindness that is shown along Gear Up Florida. When the trip is complete, team members always look back and it is the friendships made with people with disabilities that have the most impact on each man.”

People who’d like to help with the event can also donate here.

Just what is Gear Up Florida?

According to Ability Experience, the event has taken place since 1997 and over 300 Pi Kappa Phis have helped out. Every year, the team raises over $80,000 to help people with disabilities.
You may have noticed that the bike ride is essentially a tour of the Sunshine State. There’s a reason for that! The point of the event is to reach as many people as possible throughout Florida. Passing the word throughout Florida by using local newspapers, radio and television, civic groups and community leaders, the event even comes with its own tagline:

“The best two weeks of programming The Ability Experience has to offer.”

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