These Are The Most Heroic Superhero Costumes

Superhero’s have stepped out of the colorful comics and into the small and big screen. Some have succeeded in gaining ratings while others have crashed and burned. Take the recent leaked images that have popped up from the Justice League. People are concerned about the chosen costumes of the Justice League, they are sloppy and can not be compared to the artistic designs of the original comic book costume art. However, Hollywood can do a good job getting the details of a costume close enough to the comic version as they can. Great superhero costumes have been produced on screen, and fans have appreciated the costume designers in their creations of their favorite superhero’s. Here are the 20 best superhero costumes ranked.

#20 Wolverine

A pretty basic costume, not comparing to the yellow tights in the comic. Wolverine is a simple clothing that anyone can pull off. Luckily, with Hugh Jackman’s interpretation of Wolverine he does a good job of capturing the character. However, this isn’t an acting ranking. Wolverine’s costume from X-Men Origins comes at number 20 not because of how good it is but how bad all the other costumes of the superhero universe is on screen. The costume designers are lucky to just get the claws correct. But, despite the bad costumes in other big time movies, we can see that there will be some good ones coming up in the list.

#19 Human Torch

Most know that the original Fantastic Four movie was a big flop. The costumes were simple and did a good job comparing to the comics. The one that stood out the most was Johnny Strom and his fire powers as the Human Torch. With the success in CGI, the fire around the Human Torch was quite amazing, placing this costume at number 19.

#18 Arrow

Moving into the TV shows of DC. Arrow’s costume is quite different from his comic book hero. Not only was the show’s plot different from the comic but costume designers decided to take a little bit of a turn with the costume. With Arrows many costume changes throughout the series, none of them are able to compare to the original comic version. However, fans have praised the costume and likes the hero under a darker green hood. And no one can rock the costume better than Stephen Amell.

#17 Black Canary

Staying in the Arrow verse, we move onto the Black Canary. Alter ego of not only Laurel Lance but also Sara Lance too. Sara was the first to put on the canary mask and pulled it off quite well. It’s also a plus when the character can pull off the badass hero moves to take down their enemy. From comic to TV, the blond hair and black leather suit creates the perfect Black Canary.

#16 Vision

The costume is not accurate in the colors or cape style, but the way Vision moves in the MCU does allow for a similarity of the comic version and the big screen version. Even with the lack of similarity of the comic and screen costumes, the updated version is well needed and looks better than the comic version. Vision in the comics is basic, green, yellow and red. The new costume is one that fans love and fits with the MCU.

#15 Ant-Man

Ant-man’s suit in the MCU is fairly similar to the comic version. With the same gadgets and colors it’s a successful transition from comic to big screen costume. The only difference is the mask which gives it a Darth Vader look. The suit itself isn’t that big in detail, but putting it into the power of shrinking and resizing it’s a suit that looks like a safety suit to perform Ant-Man’s powers.

#14 Deathstroke

One of the best seasons for Arrow was during Deathstroke’s introduction. The assassin was adapted on screen with more of padding and armor rather than its tights in the comic. However, with the changes there is no negativity for how it was created. Props to the costume designer on the Deathstroke costume.

#13 The Rocketeer

A hero that hasn’t been talked about for a long time. His simple costume isn’t one people talk about. But comparing to the actual comic is amazing how similar they are to each other. The helmet is robotic but adds a steam punk theme that allows the audience to really see who the rocketeer is as a hero. Tying in the leather jacket and jetpack you have created the perfect Rocketeer costume for the big screen. It’s basic but a timeless creation that will never get old.

#12 Supergirl

With the show wrapping up its third season. We need to give praise to the costume designer who created the powerful female costume. In the comics, Kara Danvers, Supergirl wears a two-piece costume with a cape. In the TV version, it’s a one piece that’s simple but with the small detail of sewing and colors the Krypton symbol pops off the chest of our number 12 superhero costume.

#11 The Flash

Not the Arrow-verse Flash, but the DCEU Flash. This Flash was given a unique suit, one that is different from the comics. Same with most comic heroes, it’s all either leather or tights. In the DCEU, The Flash is given an armor makeover that gives a higher tech Flash. Add the CGI lightning bolts and you have the fastest man alive ready for battle.

#10 Superman

There have been many versions of Superman that have been successful but have also fallen to the deadly kryptonite of movie critiques. However, the recent Superman in the DCEU has done a successful job in creating a suit that keeps the red underwear inside rather than out. With the larger symbol and muscular tone of the suit it’s hard to say it’s not good. The only complaint that fans have had is the darker colors the costume produces, but this can be backed up with the ultimate tone of the DC universe presents in the movie. It’s a nice mix for our Man of Steel.

#9 Rorschach

One of the most accurate costumes in any film. Rorschach in the film, “Watchmen”, has everything that comic version has. From the fedora to the trench coat. And more specifically the mask and the way it moves. Rorschach’s costume has a darker color than its comic counterpart. This is similar to the Superman costume due to the fact the film produced a darker tone of the story.

#8 Thor

From the armor, cape, boots and hammer, the Asgardian god has made a large impact from his step from the comics to the big screen. Despite not having his helmet, Thor does rock the armor like suit in the MCU. With current updates to his looks of cut hair and less limb armor, Thor is still high up on our list of best on screen costumes.

#7 Doctor Strange

Probably one of the closest parings from the comic to screen. Not only is the costume identical to the comic, but the actual hero is too. The only noticeable changes are the cloak and eye. The updated cloak was a nice touch but the eye was added in to create the plot of the Doctor Strange movie. Even with the changes, the colors and robes still give Doctor Strange a powerful wisdom like power from just looking at the costume.

#6 Spider-Man

After two versions, five movies, and three different costumes, the MCU finally got it right with Spider-Man. The original Tobey Maguire costume was the closest, but with today’s CGI for the eyes and webbing gadgets, Spider-Man has really swung out of the comics and into the MCU.

#5 Wonder Woman

Stepping back into the DCEU with the dark tone of each movie, Diana Prince’s costume colors don’t pop but with the amount of armor and powerful female presents of Wonder Woman the costume is one of the best the DCEU has produced. Leaving out the tights and skirts, the Amazonian battle armor on the big screen will inspire young girls to be a powerful hero.

#4 Iron Man

The first MCU movie released in 2008 started out with a bang in correctly coming out with a replica Iron Man suit from the comic books. The colors, lights, and armor are accurate and who perfect to complete the hero Robert Downey Jr. portrays. There are many different versions of the Iron Man suit in the MCU. Three Iron Man movies, three Avengers appearences and a cameo in Spiderman: Homecoming, that racks up to about 48 suits or marks, stopping at the release of Avengers Infinity War. All of which take a step up from it’s original start in the first Iron Man movie.

#3 Batman

Like Superman, there have been many different Batman costumes and actors. Not looking at the actor but the DCEU costume which is the best Dark Knight costume that has come to the big screen. The symbol is larger on the chest and the darkness and different tones of the colors make it almost identical to the comic version. The costume stands out in the DCEU with the way Bruce is aging but still shows the desire to keep people safe no matter how deep his voice has to get.

#2 Captain America

The First Avenger has a different take from the comic version. The comic is cleaner and has less weapons on the body. The MCU Captain America is set in World War II making the suit as close to an army uniform it can get, with the type of material, weapons, and helmet; but with less camo and more red, white and blue. This suit also allows for the character’s personalities to show how dedicated he is to keeping people safe during the War.

#1 Deadpool

And at the top of our list is our favorite red bad mouth, Deadpool. After the failure in the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it was time for Ryan Reynolds to finally get his chance to bring Deadpool back with the most comic accurate costume that has ever hit the big screen. Thanks to CGI Deadpool’s eyes are just like the comics. Moving with the facial expressions that occur under the mask and allow for humor moments during the movie. The coloring and costume patches on the body make the costume identical to the comic. It’s no wonder Reynolds took home the suit, and it’s a no brainer that Deadpool has hit the #1 spot on our top 20 superhero costume rankings.

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