Christian Eriksen Net Worth 2023: How Much Is He Worth?

Harry Kane, Dele Alli and Christian Eriksen are three names that have been grouped together pretty often. As the attacking trio for Tottenham Hotspur, they’re a fearsome bunch. Though the three are known for their goal-scoring skills, Eriksen adds another very vital component: creativity. The attacking midfielder has an insane awareness of the field, and as such he sees things other players do not. He finds these incredible passes and open spaces. As a result, Eriksen is very much involved in the passing sequence and is a seasoned veteran when it comes to making assists. Not to mention, he’s a hard player to track on the field which has largely helped the Spur’s attack. With extraordinary talent comes an extraordinary paycheck. Let’s find out how much the Danish native is worth today!

Christian Eriksen Net Worth 2019: $5 Million

The soccer craftsman has a net worth estimated to be around $5 million as of 2018. He currently receives a weekly paycheck of £75,000 for the Spurs.

Valentine’s Day Baby

Eriksen was born on February 14, 1992 in Middelfart, Denmark. He was a quiet kid who gravitated to the game at a very early age. Even before his third birthday, Eriksen was kicking a soccer ball. His younger sister, Louise followed in suit, and also joined the game at a very tender age. Last year, Louise had her first call-up to Denmark’s Women’s National Team. Eriksen played for his local club team until 2005. He then switched to Odense Boldklub where he snagged the title of “Best Technical Player.” European scouts caught word of this and started to take much interest in the young Danish boy.

The Trials

At age 15, Eriksen was invited to Spain, Italy, and England to participate in trials for Barcelona, Milan, and Chelsea. He was so dedicated to practicing that even after training, he could be found messing around with the ball. Additionally, he was obsessed with watching videos of his soccer idols such as Beckham and Zidane, as to learn from them. Unfortunately, none of the teams accepted him.

Thank You, Ajax

Eriksen started to train with some youth teams from Ajax Academy in 2008 and was signed. On January 17, 2010, he made his first debut with the squad. A month later, Eriksen made his first appearance for the Denmark National Team. He was the youngest player in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. However, it wasn’t until his 2010/2011 season, that things started to really fall into place for Eriksen. In 2011, he was named Danish Football player of the Year, Dutch Football Talent of the Year and Ajax Talent of the Year.

The Spurs

After 162 appearances with Ajax, Eriksen finally split from the team and signed on with Tottenham Hotspur in September 2013 for the small price of £11 million. He has become an extremely vital player for the team since then. In 2017 and 2018, he earned a spot on PFA’s Team of the Year, and recently, he won Goal of the Month for April of this year. The goal was a 30-yard strike against Chelsea, but it’s only one among the many other brilliant goals Eriksen has had. It seems as though things have come full-circle for the 26-year-old. He was once a young boy watching videos of the great soccer superstars, and now he’s one of them.


Real Madrid is showing no interest in Christan Eriksen, while he has only 18 months remaining on his current deal with Manchester United.

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