Pearland Town Center Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Details

One person has been shot following a shooting outside of the Pearland Town Center in Pearland, Texas this Saturday afternoon. Police believe that a verbal altercation between two unidentified males ultimately caused the shooting. Police are currently investigating the situation.

What happened?

According to Click2Houston, the victim was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital and is currently in an unknown condition. Jeff Evans with the Pearland Police Department said that the shooting was likely caused by a verbal altercation between the gunman and the victim, adding that it took place on the 11300 block of Broadway in Pearland. According to KHOU, it is believed that the shooting started over an argument about a car being hit; the two males were inside a building when the argument started but went outside before the shooting took place.

Two people are in police custody

At this time, it is believed that police are currently investigating the incident. According to Click2Houston, one suspect is currently in police custody concerning the incident.
According to Chron, a second person was arrested in relation to the story. The second person was identified as being a female friend of the shooter. Reportedly, the man entered the European Wax Center at the Pearland Town Center while waiting for his female friend; another man walked inside the building but both left to talk outside, presumably concerning the car incident. Once outside, the man allegedly took out his gun and shot the other man. After the victim was hit an unknown number of time, the shooter and his female friend both fled the area, but police picked them up and detained them.
At this time, the identities of the shooter and his female friend are unknown; it is also unknown if they had been formally charged in relation to the incident.
As this story is developing, more information will be updated as made available.

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