Who Is Danielle Renfrow Constante? Racist Founders Classical Academy Teacher Information

Danielle Constante is allegedly the woman in the viral video that shows a woman harassing another woman by saying threatening to call ICE. In the video, the woman, who is allegedly Constante, says: “You should not be here, you should not work here, you should not work at a school. I’ll be calling ICE if you continue working here.”
The racist incident happened at the Founders Classical Academy in Lewisville, Texas. According to the Tweet, the victim is a teacher that has been working at the Founders Classical Academy “for months.” After the video went viral, comments on the Founders Classical Academy of Lewisville Facebook page are calling for Constante’s firing.
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“So my mom has been working at a school for months now and she finally found a job she loved. This RACIST ass lady has been bullying her everyday. My mom came home crying today because she has to quit her job out of fear that this lady is going to call immigration service on her”

The academy’s official website says that Constante serves as a “Grammar School Lunchroom Coordinate” and as an instructor in the After School Care program. Prior to being employed at Founders Classical Academy, Constante was an administrative assistant at a “large church” for over 9 years. Furthermore, the school’s website says that Constante has two children who attend the academy, and her “favorite things” include date nights, spending time with her family, and thrift shopping.
The Founders Classical Academy website says the school “employs highly qualified teachers who are passionate about educating children and who love the content they teach”, who “foster the idea of learning for the sake of learning and engage students in the pursuit of the good, the true, and the beautiful.”
COED reached out to the Founders Classical Academy’s corporate office for an official comment but they have yet to return our request. We’ve also reached out to the alleged daughter of the victim, who has also yet to return our request for comment.
The Founders Classical Academy is located at 1010 Bellaire Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75067.

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