Tom Brady Possibly Not Returning In 2018: Twitter Promptly Reacts

Adam Schefter has a way of setting the Twitter world on fire, and he did just that when he reported that Tom Brady has yet to commit to playing in 2018. The ESPN report suggests that Brady has not given official word on his status, but that people close to the Patriots quarterback believe he will play. Brady has not reported to OTAs, and Rob Gronkowski’s return is still up in the air which could have sway on whether the future Hall of Famer returns. Not participating in OTAs is not all that uncommon as Brady was mostly absent in 2008, 2009, and 2010.
To me, this just seems like a slow news day for Schefty, so he threw out some speculation on the Goat not returning to the field. When your report states that all the sources say he is returning you are really grasping at straws to create a storyline, at least that’s my opinion. Nevertheless, Twitter reacted in typical Twitter fashion and supplied us with some entertaining tweets.
Let’s start with the Schefter tweet that caused the stir.

Maybe the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win proved too much for Brady to recover from.

This is also my personal opinion. Brady saw the dynasty being built in the city of brotherly love and went running with his tail between his legs. Who would’ve thought Doug Pederson and Nick Foles would be the two to put the final nail in the coffin of the Patriots dominating run? If you can’t beat Foles you sure as hell aren’t beating Carson Wentz next season.
Oooooorrrrr maybe it was because Brady got caught up in the Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump drama.

Brady has always seemed to be in The Donalds corner. So, was it the Eagles or Stormy Daniels that ended Brady???
Either way, all AFC teams should be jumping for joy at the thought of not having to play Brady.
Most people are not buying it though and believe he will be suiting up for the Patriots next season.

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