Stormy Daniels Net Worth 2022: How Much Is Stormy Worth?

Stormy Daniels has been all up in the news since January when The Wall Street Journal reported that she was paid hush money to deny she had an affair with Donald Trump in 2006. She’s been making her runs through the media circuit and has recently agreed to a 60 minutes interview set for March 25.
She’s an adult film actress, stripper, screenwriter, director, and more recently, a political figure. Diversity is KEY on resumes and Stormy’s got it all.

Stormy Daniels Net Worth As Of 2019: $2 Million

She’s one of the most well-known adult actresses in the US and the oval office. As the great southern troubadour, Young Jeezy, says, “Scared money don’t make money.” Well, scared money don’t hush money either. Stormy knows the deal.

Early Life

Stormy was born as Stephanie Gregory Clifford in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She was raised by her mother, and has said of her childhood that she “came from an average, lower-income household…there [were] days without electricity”. Daniels began stripping at age 17 at a club in Baton Rouge, and when she was 21 she became an adult film actress with Continental Theatrical Agency. She chose her stage name, Stormy Daniels, after the daughter of Nikki Sixx (bassist of Motley Crue), Storm, and after seeing a Jack Daniel’s advertisement that read “a Southern favorite.”


Along with performing in adult films, Stormy also made several mainstream television and film appearances. She appears in the film The 40-Year-Old Virgin when Steve Carell watches her in the video Space Nuts: Episode 69—Unholy Union, and then tries dreaming about her. In early 2007, she appeared in Dirt on the FX Network, where she played a stripper who helps to set up a basketball player played by Rick Fox. Later in 2007, Daniels appeared in Maroon 5’s music video for their song “Wake Up Call” as a pole dancer.


A group of fans attempted to recruit Daniels to run against Republican Senator David Vitter in Louisiana in 2010. The recruitment process was centered around the website She joined her own movement, declared herself as a Republican, and started campaigning. As you can imagine, reception of her candidacy was polarizing in LA. Her campaign manager’s car was blown up, although no one was in the car at the time. She announced in April 2010 that she would not be running for Senate, saying she didn’t have enough money to campaign and that the media never took her candidacy seriously.


The Wall Street Journal reported in January 2018 that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 in hush money in October 2016, shortly before the presidential election, to deny she had an affair with Trump in 2006. Since then, the story has caught fire in the media. Stormy has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, and it’s recently been announced that 60 Minutes will air an interview with her on March 25.



Stormy Daniels joined the porn industry’s annual AVN Awards with her attorney Michael Avenatti at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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