Bruno Sammartino Net Worth 2023: How Much Is The Wrestling Legend Worth Now?

Bruno Sammartino was a world-renowned professional wrestled, noted for being the longest reigning WWE Champion in history and with two title reigns that lasted over 11 years (combined). Sammartino’s first reign with the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship went on for 2,803 days, which means that he spent more than seven years as champion. On April 18, 2018, this legendary brawler passed away at the age of 82.

Sammartino’s lifelong legacy isn’t limited to the ring. He was married since 1959 to a woman named Carol, remaining with her up to until his death. Together, they raised three sons, David and two fraternal twins, Danny and Darol.
No one has ever topped the success of Bruno Sammartino in the squared circle. He spent three decades entertaining the fans and setting records between the ropes. And during that time, he accumulated a very decent net worth and income.

Bruno Sammartino Net Worth as of 2019: $4 Million

Bruno Sammartino’s net worth clocks in at an impressive $4 million. This legendary Italian strongman also has an annual income of $140,000, according to,. He made his pro wrestling debut in December 1959, defeating his opponent in 19 seconds flat. His popularity continued to rise throughout the years, earning Sammartino the recognition he holds as one of the leading pioneers and legends of professional wrestling. His career came full circle in 2013 when he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Bruno Sammartino’s Early Life

Sammartino was born on October 6, 1935, in Pizzoferrato, Abruzzo, Italy. He was the youngest of seven children, four of which didn’t survive. As a child, he hid with his family in a mountain called Valla Rocca, out of fear of the Nazi German soldiers during the later part of World War II. By 1950, Sammartino and his family made their way to the United States, settling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where his father had been living for years.
The young Bruno picked up an interest with bodybuilding while living in America. In 1959, he achieved a world record in bench pressing, lifting 565 pounds. Around this time, he competed in numerous bodybuilding competitions, earning the title of “Mr. Allegheny”. Later that year, he was recruited to become a professional wrestler.
On December 17, 1959, Bruno Sammartino made his pro wrestling debut, quickly dispatching of his opponent Dmitri Grabowski in a mere 19 seconds. His popularity grew from there and he found himself regularly appearing on local broadcasts of the Pittsburgh-based Studio Wrestling.

1960 – 1972

“The Italian Superman” wrestled his first of many matches in Madison Square Garden on January 2, 1960. During the time, he wrestled in the Capitol Wrestling Corporation. In February 1961, Sammartino legitimately (and accidentally) killed his opponent with a body-slam in a wrestling match that proved fatal. Sammartino was later interviewed during the film Legends Never Die and said that it took him a while to get over the incident that left another wrestler dead.
After leaving Capitol Wrestling Corporation, Sammartino wrestled for various promotions, battling some of the top wrestlers in the industry, including NWA World Champions Buddy Rodgers and Lou Thesz. Sammartino would wrestle Rodgers again in WWE, this time defeating him for the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship in 48 seconds.
As the reigning WWWF World Champion, Sammartino battled the top bad guys in the industry, including Killer Kowalski, George “The Animal” Steele, The Sheik, “Classy” Freddy Blassie, and Ernie “The Big Cat” Ladd, among others. He would hold onto his title for almost eight years before dropping the belt to “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff on January 14, 1972.

1973 – 1988

Sammartino regained the WWWF World Heavyweight Championship on December 10, 1973. He defeated Stan Stasiak, who had only won the title nine days prior from Pedro Morales. The Italian strongman held onto the world championship until April 30, 1977, when he dropped the belt to “Superstar Billy Graham in controversial fashion.
Although Sammartino had many long and hard-fought rematches with Graham, he was never able to regain the title. He then toured various promotions, wrestling top stars such as Harley Race, Blackjack Mulligan, Dick Murdoch, Lord Alfred Hayes, and many more. In 1980, he engaged in a note-worthy feud with former student Larry Zbyszko. They wrestled in front of a crowd of 36,295 fans in Shea Stadium.
He briefly toured Japan before retiring from full-time wrestling in 1981. Sammartino later appeared at the inaugural WrestleMania, appearing in his son David’s corner in a match against Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. He later returned to the ring, teaming up with his son David against the likes of Beefcake and Johnny Valiant.
Following his return to the ring, Sammartino engaged in high-profile feuds with the likes of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. He later participated in a 20-man battle royal at WrestleMania 2. He wrestled his last match in 1987, teaming up with Hulk Hogan to take on the team of King Kong Bundy and One Man Gang. After officially retiring from the ring, Sammartino transitioned to the commentator table on the program WWF Superstars of Wrestling up until March 1988.

1988 – Present

After departing from the WWE (then WWF), Sammartino was highly-critical of the company and his former employer, Vince McMahon. He was offended by the use of illicit drugs and steroids within the industry as well as the presence of obscene storylines. He appeared on talk shows and news programs such as The Phil Donahue Show, Geraldo, and CNN, speaking out in opposition against the WWE.
Despite being a retired wrestler and critic of WWE, Sammartino still continued to involve himself with the wrestling industry, but on a much smaller scale. He appeared on the 1989 NWA pay-per-view Halloween Havoc, acting as special guest referee for the “Thunderdome” cage match main event. During the match, he brawled with The Great Muta. The retired pro wrestling was also a color commentator for a brief time with Jim Ross on WCW Saturday Night in 1992.
In 2013, Sammartino officially mended his relationship with the sports entertainment conglomerate, WWE. That year, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by fellow bodybuilder Arnold Shwarzenegger. He later appeared on an October 2013 episode of Monday Night Raw, receiving a warm home-town welcome by the Pittsburgh crowd. Two years later, Sammartino inducted an old rival, “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko into the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2015.
Bruno Sammartino is a true legend in the global industry of professional wrestling. He will be remembered fondly by many who were able to witness him wrestle and entertain the masses worldwide.
R.I.P. Bruno Sammartino (October 6, 1935 – April 18, 2018)


Madison Square Garden pays tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino.

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