Two Dudes Get Pulled Over With 70 Pounds Of Weed, Cops Troll TF Out Of Them On Twitter

Some people just have balls. Have most people driven around with a little weed in the car? Suureeee, it’s 2018, we’re all adults here, I’ll admit that. Have some of us driven with maybe a little more than they should have while in an automobile? Maybe, that’s not for me to say. But do some people just say “F*ck it” and load up 70 pounds of bud in their trunk for everyone to see? Apparently, yes.
And not only are regular people getting caught with a small child’s body weight in bud in their truck, but they weren’t even trying to hide it. Look, criminals, just because weed is legal in some states, doesn’t mean you can just throw it in the back of the Burban for the world to see.
However, 51-year-old Christian Elie and 42-year-old Austin Johnson apparently don’t give a damn about my drug smuggling advice and went about their business anyway. Elie, of Colorado, and Johnson, of Indianapolis, are facing preliminary drug charges after a state trooper found more than 78 pounds of marijuana inside their vehicle during a traffic stop in Indiana.

via Fox 59:

A trooper pulled over a 2017 Ford Expedition for a traffic violation on I-70 near Greenfield around 11 a.m. The trooper said the SUV was weaving outside the traffic lanes. The trooper later discovered more than 78 pounds of marijuana inside the SUV.
The vehicle was driven by 51-year-old Christian Elie of Elbert, of Colorado, and there was one passenger, 42-year-old Austin Johnson, of Indianapolis. Both men were arrested and transported to the Hancock County Jail on preliminary drug charges.
This is an ongoing investigation, troopers will work with the Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office to determine formal charges.

The estimated street value of the 78-pound haul is a cool quarter of a million dollars.

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