Autumn Sienna Heinz Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details

Autumn Sienna Heinz, a Montana daycare worker who worked with infants, has been accused of smoking meth while on the job, using a “drug den” built below a cabinet.

What happened?

According to KRTV, police have said that the supposed “drug den” was locked in from the inside so people could not enter, with a vent fan also being used to try and hide the smell. Despite that, the meth fumes permeated the entire building, with every room testing positive for meth, including the room the infants were in.
An employee was originally alerted to the situation when a possible drug kit was found at the daycare, leading employees to call officials. Officials found a glass pipe that appeared to contain meth residue and a plastic tube filled with white crystals, also testing positive for meth. Other items found at the scene included small snort tubes, lighters, small black air filter and a battery powered light.

Who is Autumn Sienna Heinz?

Heinz, who was 30 at the time of the incident, was a full-time employee for three years at the YMCA Learning Center daycare building, where she worked in the infant area.
At this time, she currently faces charges of endangering the welfare of a child, criminal possession of dangerous drugs and criminal mischief, all three of which are considered felony charges. It is known that she had requested a lawyer for the upcoming court case concerning the story.
While being interviewed by detectives, Heinz admitted that she had a history of drug use, including heroin and opioid pills, having been at the Methadone Clinic in 2013, stopping sometime around last year. Heinz originally told police she admitted to constructing the cabinet that would be deemed the “drug den,” but said that it was meant for breaks, not admitting to using meth to investigators.

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