This South Carolina Man Committed The Most Bizarre Series Of Crimes We’ve Ever Seen

I’ve been working for COED full-time for almost two years now and I’ve never been happier. I love my everything about my job. Well, almost everything. TheĀ oneĀ thing I don’t like about my job is how much information intake I have. Since it’s my job to monitor every corner of the internet, I read and see most of the major stories that happen in the world on a daily basis. And the issue with that is most of the news in the world is either depressing, terrifying, bizarre or just plain stupid. The following story is all three combined into one.

Colton Hurley, from the town (this is not a bar name, this is a town name) of Hickory Tavern, South Carolina killed a horse at point-blank range with a shotgun and then shot himself in the face, all while forcing a woman and her small child to watch.

According to police, the 20-year-old Hurley survived the self-inflicted gunshot ‘due to its placement’ and was arrested.

via Fox:

According to the sheriff’s office, witness accounts and physical evidence revealed that Hurley had come to the residence in search of the victim who was not home at the time. When the victim arrived, deputies said Hurley rammed her vehicle multiple times with his truck.

Deputies said the victim then fled the scene after escaping her vehicle, but Hurley then tackled and assaulted her. The sheriff’s office said one of the victim’s relatives arrived and the victim again escaped from Hurley, fleeing to her residence. That’s when deputies said Hurley went to a nearby residence and obtained a shotgun before fatally shooting a horse at point blank range.

Hurley then forced entry into the victim’s home with the shotgun and held her against her will for a brief time as she held her small child, said deputies. Deputies said Hurley then used force to gain entry into a locked room and pulled the victim outside, forcing the victim to see him shoot himself in the face.

Hurley’s charges read like a shopping list, as he was charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, first-degree burglary, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, breach of peace high and aggravated, ill-treatment of animals, unlawful neglect of a child, and 2 counts of pointing and presenting a firearm.

While this is easily one of the strangest stories I’ve ever reported on, truthfully, the strangest thing about it is that it didn’t take place in Florida.

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