God of War: Everything You Need To Know

The reviews are in for the newest of God of War game, and it is blowing people away. This latest installment will be available on April 20th, 2018. God of War is a video game franchise that is beloved by its fans for its exciting, creative and violent gameplay as well as a masterly crafted storyline. The first installment of the series was released in 2005 and was a sight to behold for its violence and gore that pushed the boundaries of video game brutality at the time. The plot followed the character of Kratos, formerly a loyal servant of the God of War Ares, who was betrayed by the Greek Gods and sought his revenge.




Kratos was an army general and faithful servant to Ares who spread fear and chaos in the name of the God of War. Ares was fond of Kratos because his violence and brutality but felt he had too much of a connection to his loved ones which held him back from being a perfect soldier. Ares then tricked Kratos into murdering his wife and daughter in a fit of rage. Emotionally distraught Kratos abandoned his servitude of the God of War, and for his betrayal, Kratos was forced to wear the ashes of the family on his skin for eternity.
Kratos went to exact revenge on Ares for what he had done and traveled throughout ancient Greece as well as through the lands of the mythological Gods until he finally found a way to defeat Ares, Pandora’s box.
Pandora’s box held the power to murder a god. Kratos used this newfound power to kill Ares and become the new God of War. Over time Zeus, the leader of the gods, felt as though Kratos will murder him as well and in the act of desperation and fear, Zeus tricked Kratos into giving up his power as a god.
After asking Kratos to serve him in which Kratos declined, Zeus killed him and sent Kratos to hell. Kratos was saved by Gaia, a Titan who brought him back to life and assisted him on his new quest to kill all of the Olympian Gods. Through God of War 2 and 3, Kratos went on his mission slaughtering as many gods that he could find without remorse, which included Zeus. In his last act, Kratos slays himself officially ending the reign of the gods.


God of War 4

The new God of War game looks to be very similar to its predecessor, in that it seems as though Kratos will now travel throughout his new homeland, which looks to be ancient Norway, causing chaos and destruction. The twist of this game compared to the previous ones is, now Kratos goes on a long and exciting adventure with his son Atreus.
From the trailers, Kratos looks to have mellowed out and is much calmer than he has been. Kratos usually has been an intimidating figure that caused violence and chaos wherever he went. Kratos looks to be much gentler and understanding. Becoming a father again and settling down may have changed this brute’s view on life. The game is sure to answer many questions fans have like how he survived a suicide as well as what has happened since we last saw him.
By the looks of it, the game pins Kratos against what seems to be gods of Norse mythology, which would only make sense because it would not be a God of War game without battling Gods. The game also seems to have a much different plot where the previous one was about a man full of rage and wanting revenge, where this one looks to be about a man trying to bond with his son.


What to Expect

The God of War franchise is known for its brutal violence, which the trailer shows plenty of for longtime fans. Your son will also play a massive part in the story; he may be as much of a focus as Kratos is in the story and possibly more. There will also be many references to previous games and the repercussions that his actions will have.
In every God of War game, the graphics and the world itself are beautiful; now on the PlayStation 4 which has much higher graphics capabilities, the game is sure to astonish anyone who plays this game. Kratos no longer has his signature blades. Kratos turned in his dual blades for one weapon called the “Leviathan Axe,” and from the gameplay, it seems to be very similar to the hammer of Thor in the Marvel movies. This is a massive departure as your previous blades have been in every game since its inception.
I would not worry too much because within in this game you are bound to regain your blades at one point or another. The primary story being told is that Kratos will try and show his son how to become a god, while his son helps teach him how to be human.




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