Tristan Thompson Cheats On Khloé Kardashian: How The Internet Responded

Welp. Tristan Thompson is making news, and it’s not for playing basketball well, that’s for sure.
Two years after cheating on the pregnant mother of his child, the Cleveland Cavalier has only gone and done it again. Khloé Kardashian, who has been pregnant for what feels like 17 months, is nesting in Cleveland and due to give birth any day. On April 10, TMZ dropped the bomb: not only was Tristan caught cheating on surveillance video at a very public Washington, D.C. hookah lounge in October, but he was also seen entering a New York hotel with an unidentified woman on April 8. Considering the suspicious convenience of TMZ being outside the Four Seasons at 5 AM on a Sunday morning, and how close this news comes to Khloé giving birth, it’s not far-fetched to call this a coordinated stunt. But if we have to play along, let’s:

Does Tristan not realize how tall he is? In the October footage, there’s no hiding it: he is openly fraternizing with two women, and a third is visible as well. Khloé was three months pregnant at the time. Tristan’s averages have been way down across the board, and he’s missed 29 games this year to injury. Maybe the guilt was eating away at him this whole time.

Let’s be realistic: who outside of the NBA universe knew about Tristan before he became a Kardashian accessory? He’s pulling this, after making Khloé move to CLEVELAND? He’s not a victim of the Kardashian Curse. This man cursed himself.

The intertwining of the Kardashians with the NBA never gets old. Remember when Isaiah Thomas was a Cavalier? Remember when we were blaming everything on Kevin Love? What a time.

Tristan is a repeat offender. Jordan Craig, the mother of Tristan’s 1-year-old son, was five months pregnant when Tristan began dating Khloé. Tristan and Khloé were set up on a blind date by Brandon Jennings–did Khloé even know about Jordan? Does she really deserve this karma?

While cheating isn’t something LeBron would ever endorse, he has bigger fish to fry. If Bron has it his way, Tristan will channel this fallout into a big playoff performance.

Hey, patterns are patterns. LeBron won’t be staging any interventions for Tristan after he sees this tweet. Are the stars aligned? Did Tristan literally take one for the team?

Remember: nothing gets past Kris Jenner. This cheating stuff didn’t leak accidentally–there is no doubt that the Momager approved all of this before TMZ broke the news. Season 15 of Keeping Up has to start somewhere, after all.

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