'Lost In Space' Reboot Set To Premiere On Netflix




The classic hit television show, Lost In Space, will return with a reboot will return on April 13th, 2018 on Netflix and many fans, young and old are excited to see how this newer and modern take on the show will be. Lost In Space focuses on the Robinson family as they have accidentally crashlanded on a strange planet where they struggle to survive while being surrounded by danger at every turn deep in outer space.


Lost in Space is set to premiere on Friday, April 13th, 2018 and will be available for streaming on Netflix. This season will be set for ten episodes in season 1, and with great reviews already in, it looks as though this may be Netflix’s new smash hit. It has cast Toby Stephens as the show’s lead John, the father of the Robinson family. Stephens is known for his role in the movie 13 Hours where he played Glen Doherty, and also for playing Captin Flint on the television show Black Sails. Stephens mentioned that this series would have a much serious tone. The family will have their faults and is a much more modern approach to the characters. The cast also includes House of Cards actress Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, as well as Parker Posey, who appeared Inside Amy Schumer as well as Louie and Portlandia, playing Dr. Smith.

The original Lost in Space ran from 1965-1968 and starred actors like Bill Mumy, Johnathan Harris, and Angela Cartwright. The premise was that in the year 1997 a spaceship named Jupiter 2 was sent into orbit due to the overpopulation of the Earth. The ship contained Professor John Robinson, his wife Maureen and their three children along with a man named Major John West. The goal was to send the Robinson family to another planet so they can colonize for other humans to eventually arrive there in the future. The ship’s navigation was tampered with by Dr. Smith, a man from an enemy government, who was also aboard the ship. The extra weight of Dr. Smith threw the Jupiter 2 off course, which left those on bored stranded in outer space and forced to survive the dangers of the unknown.

The 2018 version of Lost in Space will have the same premise as the original, A family aboard the Jupiter 2 which is suddenly thrown off course and is now lost in the unknowns of space. From the trailers, the reboot is shown to have slight changes from the original. The first is the change of gender from the series antagonist Dr. Smith. This is not a massive change as her character is shown to play a similar role as in the original, whereby she is from a different government and tasked to throw the ship’s navigation off course. The character is shown to be a prisoner in a cell so by the look of it she was already caught. The series looks as though it will primarily take place on one or multiple different planets in the universe and less time on the Jupiter 2 as did the original. A huge aspect changed from the original was the robot that exists within the original.
The reboot altered the role of the original robot from a programmed robot that was made to be part of the Jupiter 2, to artificial intelligence that the Robinson family, probably one of their sons finds on a planet. This robot shows to be much more human acting than the original and with modern day graphics much more active in its body language as it is shown having a catch with a child of the Robinsons in the trailer. This show looks to be visually stunning from the previews and is sure to leave fans satisfied and wanting more.

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