WWE Wrestlemania 34: Results & Predictions For What's Ahead




Wrestlemania 34 was a very eventful night as most of the WWE Superstars were in action. There were titles changes and moments that undoubtedly that left many fans surprised and entertained by the event. This show was not predictable, to say the least as most of the results were not anticipated and blew away fans expectations. This will be about the takeaways from all the Wrestlemania 34 matches and what the outcomes could lead to in the future.

Spoilers for Wrestlemania 34 Ahead


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Triple Threat

The first match of the night started off hot as The Miz (c) challenged “The Demon King” Finn Balor and “The Kingslayer” Seth Rollins. In an entertaining and exciting match, Seth Rollins came away with the victory using the  Curb Stomp. With this Wrestlemania win, Seth is officially a “Grandslam Champion” and new Intercontinental Champion. From here Seth may have to continue his program with The Miz or start a one on one program with Finn Balor. A high profile singles feud is what Finn Balor needs to solidify himself as another top contender in the WWE. For Seth Rollins, he will most likely be a fantastic champion and probably have great matches every month, and with a feud with Finn Balor, he can tear the house down every week. These two wrestlers have a history with one another as Rollins injured Balor a few months back, and this could also be a prominent factor in this feud if WWE decides to promote it.


WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

The first big surprise of the night was during this championship match when Charlotte Flair defeated, the previously undefeated Asuka. The win is a monumental moment as Asuka had not been defeated since debuting in WWE in 2015. Many fans thought that they would continue this trend through Wrestlemania as she would beat Charlotte and become the champion. That was not the case, and Charlotte submitted Asuka in the middle of the ring. The match ended with Asuka telling Charlotte she was ready for her and they embraced. WWE truly surprised the fans with this outcome because they had build Asuka up as a monster for years. Charlotte was an excellent choice to defeat the streak, and the match was so good that it does not take anything away from Asuka as a competitor, and puts another notch on Charlottes belt as being one of the best performers in WWE. The feud seems to be over for now, and with Asuka not turning on Charlotte it looks as though they may go their separate ways for now. In a few months though they may go for back to this feud.


WWE United States Championship: Fatal Four Way

The United States championship was on the line as the champion Randy Orton faced Bobby Roode, Jinder Mahal, and Rusev. In an entertaining match full of chants of Rusev and “Glorious” and number of RKO’s delivered, Jinder Mahal eventually won the title by pinning Rusev in the middle of the ring. The WWE Universe is still puzzled at the push that Jinder Mahal is getting in the recent months as they feel as though he is not a top-tier talent and should not be champion. This is why Jinder winning the championship works so well. He is a character hated by all fans, and how he brags that he is from India and better than them, he makes a great villain to hold the US Championship. I feel a that the next opponent for Jinder to face next should be Rusev because of the history they have together and also because Rusev is so popular right now, as well as Jinder pinned Rusev in the match. He has the most fan support and momentum through his whole career right now, and with a villain as hated as Jinder, he could have the fans rally behind him in the coming weeks.


Triple H and Stephanie McMahon vs. “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle

A highly anticipated match that shocked many fans, this match may have been the best on the card and had the fans involved the most. Triple H and Stephanie have played great villains in the past, and they went full force during this feud. Kurt Angle returned to action as well a Ronda Rousey debuting coming over from UFC it made for a must-see match. Ronda surprised everyone with her athletic ability, timing, selling and overall demeanor. She is a huge wrestling fan, and she showed her respect for the business. This match resulted in Ronda tapping out Stephanie which what every WWE fan wanted to see since WrestleMania 31. With her performance, Ronda may return to a WWE ring in the future. Since she is such a massive star, it would not make sense to put her in a meaningless feud, so a championship program makes the most sense. WWE would get significant mainstream publicity, and if she wins, the ratings would be huge.


WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Triple Threat

In the of the least anticipated matches, The newly repackaged Bludgeon Brothers defeated the pancake throwing New Day and the former champions the Usos. In a short but fun match, Luke Harper won with a massive powerbomb for the win. The Bludgeon Brothers new gimmick has seemingly worked out for them, and they desperately needed this win. As monsters, they needed an excellent dominating performance, and they delivered. From here they should hold their titles with dominating wins, and not let them lose steam coming from this match


John Cena vs. The Undertaker

Another surprising event is that The Undertaker finally made his return after weeks of John Cena taking digs at him on Raw. It was a strange match as Undertaker never mentioned why he returned, or why he had this match. He had a fantastic send-off last year, so the reason why he wanted to return is questionable. This match was not much as Undertaker hit all of his signature spots and defeated John Cena decisively. I feel the results of this match will not lead to anything and Undertaker will disappear once more. John Cena may face Elias to continue their feud, but it does not mean anything. It could be an excuse to have John Cena on Raw every week. John Cena may also leave once again to film a movie, but not much is known at this time.


Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon vs. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

This match was built around Daniel Bryan and his much-anticipated return, and it delivered. Although he was out of action two years ago for numerous concussions, he was finally medically cleared to wrestle again. After sitting out at the beginning of the match, he was eventually tagged in and ran wild in the ring, hitting all of his signature moves. It was indeed a great moment which leads Bryan getting the submission win at the end. In the storyline, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are now officially fired, but they will return soon and most likely have a feud with Bryan. WWE may take their time before putting him back in the title picture but when he does the crowd will be right behind him.


WWE Raw Women’s Championship

This match consisted of the bully Alexa Bliss beating on Nia Jax. It was a fun little match that showcased Nia Jax power and resulted in a win. Nia Jax plays a great babyface, and it is hard to root against her while Alexa Bliss is also so hateable that the dynamic worked. This feud has been build up for months, and it had a great culmination with Nia Jax winning the title. This feud will most likely continue in Raw since Alexa is owed a rematch. Jax should retain her title for a few months and see how the WWE Universe response to her.


WWE Championship Match

A hugely anticipated match Aj Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura was built as a dream match. A match that some people felt underdelivered, Aj and Nakumura put everything they had on the line. The bout picked up towards the end with the near falls and the final reversal that lead to the win. Even though it wasn’t the best match these two have had together, it was just the beginning because Nakamura eventually turned on Aj at the end. I feel Nakamura can play a fantastic heel and their future matches will have violence and an element of hatred that this one did not have. Nakamura was immediately booed after this turn. In the beginning, I felt it would be hard for WWE to get fans to boo Shinsuke but Aj is so loved by fans that I feel as though they made the right call since he was not in such a prominent position since coming to the main roster. I feel as though Shinsuke may win the title but then eventually face Daniel Bryan in the future which many fans want to see.


WWE Raw Tag Team Championship

In a match that just confused most fans, Braun Stroman stated that his partner would be one of the fans and he choose a child named Nicolas from the crowd. The match was not much of anything but Braun beating up The Bar until he eventually won on his own. Since Braun and Nicolas are the new champions everyone wants to know what will happen next, will Nicolas be able to defend his title, will Brawn have to vacate the title? I feel Stroman will pick a fan every week to be his partner in a match and this will be the new gimmick for him until he eventually loses.


WWE Universal Championship

Brock Lesner vs. Roman Reigns was rejected by the fans with roaring boos and chants of boring. Many fans did not want this match to happen because it would be too predictable. It is hard to say if this were by design because the result of the match surprised everyone in the arena as they thought Roman would conquer the beast and gain the title. The match picked up when Roman became covered in blood by Brocks’ elbow to the head. Many people speculated that Brock would be leaving to go back to the UFC after the match, but it looks like that is not true. Brock is holding the title for a little longer so who is his next opponent? It is too soon to tell, but it would make sense if Roman challenged him once more at the upcoming PPV.

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