What The Hell Happened This Weekend? A Recap Of All The Headlines You Missed

Started drinking right after work on Friday? Sunday Funday’d a little too hard? Girlfriend duty? Or maybe you just plain old turned off your brain. Well, whatever your reason is for not knowing what the hell happened, we’ve got you covered.
This is COED’s What The Hell Happened This Weekend?

Pop Culture

Drake dropped his newest single this weekend & it’s a return to the sound that made him famous a decade ago. And as good as the song is, the video is even better:


– HBO’s original movie Paterno premiered this Saturday, with Al Pacino in the starring role.


– A Quiet Place hit theatres this weekend & it’s supposedly a masterclass in suspense:



– Relative unknown (at least to me) Patrick Reed won the 2018 Masters, taking home a cool $1.98 million.

– Manchester United staged an epic comeback against Manchester City to delay City’s title-winning celebration.


– The Stanley Cup, beginning the start of what’s arguably the best couple of weeks in sports:
– As for the NBA, their postseason starts on Saturday. According to Eric (that’s me) the finals are going to consist of two of these four teams: the Rockets, Warriors, Cav and … Sixers.

News & Politics

– President Trump had one of his all-time Trump tweets this weekend, as he tweeted about the structural integrity of Trump Tower despite that fact that someone died.

– North Korea is supposedly ready to discuss denuclearization. 

College News

– The GW women’s rowing team is allegedly the subject of a Title IX investigation.

– A photo of Cal Poly fraternity members wearing blackface went viral on social media:

Viral Randomness

– John Cena was turned into a meme this weekend at Wrestlemania.

Hottest of the Weekend

– Bella abroad:




Happy Monday, everyone, and good luck out there. We’ll see you on the other side of the weekend, but until then, here’s our song of the week.


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