RECAP: 'The Walking Dead' Episode 15: Must See Review S8E15

This week offers up an extended run time of 75 minutes. With the threat of the Saviors still looming, Aaron continues searching for allies; Daryl and Rosita take action and confront an old friend. Will these actions bring the group closer to ending the war? One can only hope in the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead season 8!

The Walking Dead  Episode 15 Viewing Details

Date: Sunday, April 8, 2018
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
Episode Title: “Worth”
TV Channel: AMC

Dear Dad…
We get a Chandler Riggs voiceover reading Carl’s farewell letter to Rick in the opening minutes of the episode. Carl wrote his father about his fondest memories, how grateful he was for being his son, and most of all, how he hoped he could instill the same feeling of protection on Rick that he had given him growing up. Nice sentiment; too bad you’re dead, kid.

A Surprise for the Saviors
Our friendly neighborhood psychopath has returned to The Sanctuary. The mystery of who/what Negan scooped up along the road last week turns out to be… Laura! Also, another runaway who made it back to The Sanctuary before being hunted down is the ever flipping former leader of Hilltop, Gregory. While Gregory and Simon are busy trying to wheel and deal on his potential role with The Saviors, Negan whistles out for Dwight in the yard while they chat about where his allegiance lies. Dwight, ever the survivor, reminds Negan that Simon is his second in command which is why he’s now calling the shots. Dwight tells the big boss those three sweet words he loves to hear to cement his loyalty, “I am Negan”.
Negan has a sit down with Simon and the other top guys, bringing up how they originally took The Sanctuary, how Simon was brutal in killing all the men who were there. Negan confessed he only made Simon his right hand man to keep an eye on him, and decides to spare him for the time being. Negan then lays out their new objective: surround The Hilltop from all points and shoot down anyone they see until the job is done.
Dwight’s busy recreating the map of where The Saviors will strike to pass off to his real allegiance at The Hilltop when Simon comes in saying it’s finally time to take Negan down once and for all. Simon definitely has no intention of playing the role of No.2 now that he’s had a taste of command. Dwight has been playing the long con far too well to show his cards, so he agrees to meet Simon later with some other “like minded” folks to do the deed. Naturally, Gregory joins the group of traitors as they prepare for the Negan slaughter… but wait, Negan’s been tipped off by Dwight! Not surprising for a guy who needs to keep close to the shot caller in order to help the real people he committed himself to saving.
Negan digs Lucille into the guts of a walker, and offers Simon a challenge: if you can beat me, you can be me. While the two brawl it out in front of the whole community, Dwight sequestrates a frightened Gregory giving him the map and car keys telling him this is the only move he’s got and to give the information to Rick and everyone at The Hilltop. Meanwhile, Negan strangles Simon to death, which is a nice change to see him getting his hands dirty and not his bat.
Gregory arrives at The Hilltop and delivers the map in time to Rick, Maggie, and Michonne. Just as we think Dwight’s in the clear, Negan walks him to his room and has a surprise waiting. Laura is back and spilling all about how she saw Dwight help Rick’s group and gunned down Saviors in the process. The whole plan on taking out The Hilltop with the map was a fake to lead them into a trap, and Negan knows Dwight has already passed along the false information. This isn’t going to end well.

Friend or Foe
Eugene is running point at the bullet making factory with Rosita and Daryl eager to make a move on their once allied traveling companion. Don’t forget, a very ill and recently blinded Father Gabriel is now a captive making bullets under Eugene’s brash supervision. After delivering a verbal beat down to the poor priest, Eugene decides to take a stroll and test some bullets only to be ambushed and grabbed by Daryl and Rosita. Karma is a bitch, Eugene.
Running his mouth in fear of the fact that he’s being taken alive, Eugene resorts back to the sniveling coward trying to explain why he stayed with Negan after being taken from Alexandria. Rosita knows better then to trust a coward and a traitor. They plan on sticking Eugene in a dark room where yes, he will live, but only to serve the people he betrayed.
In a LITERAL gross act of cowardice, Eugene makes himself vomit all over Rosita and runs to make an escape. While they search the area for the runaway traitor, Eugene hides under a pile of burnt remains. Returning to the bullet outpost, disheveled and now driven with hate, Eugene promises to his crew that they will manufacture as many bullets possible for Negan to succeed.

Oceanside or Bust
Aaron stayed behind in hopes of finally striking some sort of deal with the Oceanside group, especially now with so many people being taken out by the Saviors, desperate in need of boosting his groups’ allies by increasing the numbers in their favor. Aaron hasn’t exactly been keeping a low profile lurking in the woods as the ladies go on a walk knowing full well he hasn’t left. The women even walk past his dehydrated weary body, casually telling him to go find some water.
Still alone and facing more walkers than he can handle, Aaron does his best to beat them down before he collapses on his back. When he regains consciousness, the women of Oceanside have surrounded him and he pleads again that joining him in fighting is the only way they can ever take their lives back and stop living in fear. Remember, Aaron is the one who persuaded Rick & Co. to join Alexandria so he must have some magic tough in his recruiting skills as his words seem to have struck a chord.

The episode ends with Michonne carrying out Carl’s final wishes, reading the letter he wrote to Negan to the man himself over the walkie talkie system. In the letter Carl asks Negan if this is who he wanted to be, because the only way out is working together. Negan tells Michonne the only way now is to kill them all, because that’s the only way he can truly start over.
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