Twitter Troll Tweets The N-Word At Arian Foster, Immediately Regrets It

Folks, it’s 2018, and not only are people are still somehow stupid and disgusting enough to be racist, but they’re actually stupid enough to put those horrendous and disgusting thoughts on the internet for everyone to see — employers, parents, and, unfortunately for this guy, writers like myself.
Now, usually when I come across a racist troll on Twitter, they’re quietly tweeting their bullshit vitriol to their 12 followers — 50% of which are family and the other 50% are #MAGA Twitter bots. But this guy, this guy was actually stupid enough to Tweet his horrible racism directly at Arian Foster, who immediately made the kid regret his decision.

Exploiting the inherent cowardice that resides inside of all racists, Arian tells the offender to put his money where his mouth is & repeat what he just said on camera. Obviously, the kid was immediately full of excuses, and shitty excuses at that:
Now, instead of deleting the tweet and apologizing for his repulsive behavior, the guy doubled down on his bigotry, saying that the issue is not with what he said, but that the people getting offended are simply “sensitive”:
Now, as you can see, I’ve censored out the racist’s name. You may find yourself asking, “But Eric, why bother censoring out his name when his original Tweet is still live on the internet for the entire world to see?” And that’s a great question, however, my answer is a rather simple one: I am not in the business of ruining lives.
If this guy wants to ruin his own future by sharing his own revolting societal views on social media and then leave it there for everyone to see, that’s on him, but I won’t accelerate his undoing– I’ll merely highlight it.
Is that more sympathy than this guy deserves? Probably. But I have a feeling when this is all said and done, hopefully, he will have learned his lesson. Oh, and Arian, if you’re reading this: on behalf of all 20-something-year-old white dudes, we aren’t all like this asshole, so I apologize.
Update: 4/6 — the racist has deleted both the original Tweet and his entire Twitter account:

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