Homeless Man Attacks Actress Jamie King's Mercedes While Her Son Was In Back Seat

Paul Francis Floyd, 47, has been identified as the homeless man responsible for attacking actress Jamie King while she was in her car. Floyd was charged with felony child endangerment, battery, and felony vandalism.
According to reports, Floyd jumped onto the hood of King’s parked Mercedes before allegedly smashing the front window. Floyd then reportedly jumped onto the rear windshield. King was not in the car at the time, but her four-year-old son James Knight Newman in the back seat, getting struck by glass from the smashed window. King’s friend was in the driver’s seat at the time.
The Beverly Hills Police Department said that Floyd was charged with felony child endangerment, misdemeanor battery and two counts of felony vandalism. He is currently being held on $100,000 bail and has a court appearance scheduled for Friday, April 6.

via USA Today:

Police said in the statement they “received several calls of a vehicle vandalism in the 400-block of N. Bedford Drive.” Newman was in one of two vehicles vandalized “by kicking and jumping.” King was not inside the vehicle at the time, but her female friend was with Newman, according to police.
“The four-year old child was secured in a child car seat positioned in the back seat of the vehicle as the suspect jumped on the rear windshield causing glass to shatter and strike the child,” reads the statement. “In an effort to protect the child, the female driver exited the vehicle and confronted the suspect at which time he threw a can at her, striking her arm.”
A rep for King did not immediately return USA TODAY’s request for comment.

According to a 2015 report by the Los Angeles Times, 14 homeless people were living in the area where King was attacked.
USA Today reports that a rep for King did not immediately return their request for comment.

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