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Do you like burritos? Do you love burritos? Of course you do! The only thing better than a burrito is a free burrito! Well, do we have news for you! Today, April 5, 2018, is National Burrito Day! More importantly, free (or at least discounted) burritos are out there, for the taking, just waiting for you! We have all that you need on where to go and what you to need to know to get burritos!
Just keep in mind, some places vary by location, some offers are only available at participating stores and some deals require that you print out a coupon! Still, you can get burritos at a discount when you know you’ll eventually buy a burrito, so why pay at full price? Take a look and don’t forget to tell us what you think in the poll below!

Where are the free burritos at?

Blue Coast Burrito

I said there would be free burritos out there and there are. Go to Blue Coast Burrito and if you buy a burrito, then you’ll get a free burrito.


Some places want to give you burritos, but some burrito places just want you to give…as in give back to the community; partnering with St. Jude, for every “Big As Yo Face” burrito sold on National Burrito Day at Chuy’s, a dollar goes to the charity, excluding the locations in Alabama and South Carolina.

Del Taco

Some places are giving out discounts on burritos, others are getting more creative. At Del Taco, if you purchase a pair of burritos, worth around $5, you get a free order of French fries. That’s right! Burritos with French fries! Clearly, this is an age to be alive!

El Pollo Loco

Don’t worry, there are still places giving out free burritos. At El Pollo Loco, you can get a free burrito with the purchase of another burrito of equal or greater value. There is one catch: you need to print out this coupon and present it at the store. Because this crazy chicken is crazy like a fox!

Jimboy’s Tacos

Jimboy’s Tacos is giving away their bean and cheese burritos for only $2 each, which is normally sold at $4 each. Essentially, you are getting it half off. Alternatively, you can buy twice the amount that you usually do!

Mad Dog & Beans

If you live in the New York City area, Mad Dog & Beans will offer a free beer with the purchase of a burrito. Between Mad Dog and Crazy Chicken, I’m not sure why all these insane animals are in the Mexican food industry, but I’m not going to question it, although donkeys would be the more obvious choice…


Some places are local but some places are around the country. Qdoba is offering free burritos with the purchase of another burrito throughout its locations.

Rubio’s Coastal Grill

All you need to do is buy a beverage and you will get a $5 burrito. That said, you need to print out the following coupon.

Zaba’s Mexican Grill

If you live in the Las Vegas area, you can get a burrito for only $5 for National Burrito Day at participating restaurants.

Moe’s Southwest Grill

Technically, it’s not for the holiday, but it’s a deal so you should know about it. If you download their app, you get free nachos and a free burrito on your birthday. If your birthday just happens to fall on National Burrito Day, it’s all the more reason to enjoy!

Taco Bell

Yes, Taco Bell. Good, sweet, faithful Taco Bell has not forgotten you on this day of days. Nor should you forget it. We were merely saving the best for last. For National Burrito Day, Taco Bell is adding Triple Melt Burritos to their dollar menu. On a related note, Taco Bell already has a dollar menu, complete with burritos, among other things. It’s like they’ve been watching over us all along. On another related note, you apparently can get nacho fries added to your burrito, but you probably have to pay extra.

Are you excited for National Burrito Day 2018?

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