Deadpool 2 Secret Cameos: Top 5 Characters Who Could Reappear

After scoring some impressive results in test screenings, Deadpool 2 underwent additional shooting to cater even more towards what audiences enjoyed. This seems to have included the unexpected and top-secret cameo of an additional character. No information about the cameo has been given, but given what we know of the film and X-Men franchise there are plenty of popular option to choose from. The top 5 most likely, or at least most desired, are rounded up here for your enjoyment.

Jackman’s Wolverine/Hugh Jackman as Himself

20th Century Fox/Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men 3 (2006)
Hugh Jackman’s appearance in some form is probably the most obvious and fan-desired choice. Aside from the clawed mutants popularity, the two characters have always been closely connected; in the comics, Deadpool’s powers stem from attempts to graft Wolverine’s healing factor onto a non-mutant host in an attempt by Weapon X to recreate their escaped lethal asset. Deadpool’s (much maligned) cinematic debut was even in the first solo Wolverine movie.
Due to the meta nature of the Deadpool franchise, coupled with Jackman’s repeated statements that he’s retired from playing Wolverine in the Fox Studio movies, there could easily still be a cameo by the actor as himself. The singing, dancing, Australian family-man is almost comically different from the feral mutant he has portrayed over the years; there is a lot of potential for some hilarious fouth-wall breaking should the actor and Deadpool meet in the movie.

Cyclops and Jean Grey

20th Century Fox/Jean Grey and Scott Summers in X2 (2003)
While the two heroes are the biological parents of Cable in the comics, it would be hard to blame Deadpool 2 for shying away from the militaristic mutants complicated backstory (it would hardly be the first time a comic book movie drastically simplified things). The fact that the initial teaser trailer displayed a shot of graffiti with Cable’s birth name (Nathan Summers) could signify that the movie will acknowledge the character’s background and family to some extent, even up to portraying them in some fashion.
A cameo appearance of Cable’s parents could take the form of a flashback of when they sent their child into the future for the sake of his life and their world’s existence, or perhaps as a touching scene of a reuniting family towards the end of the film. In either or any case Cyclops and Jean would likely be portrayed by James Marsden and Famke Janssen rather than the younger actors Sophie Turner and Tye Sheridan

Kitty Pryde

20th Century Fox/Kitty Pryde in X-Men 3 (2006))
Yet another character from the original X-Men movie franchise, Kitty Pryde is a popular possibility. The character (most notably portrayed by actress Ellen Page) is famous for being the first young student to attend Xavier’s school after the original class and team and has grown up to be a powerful mutant and X-Men team leader.
Kitty is also a primary love interest of the Russian mutant Colossus. As the two characters are currently engaged and swiftly heading towards a major wedding event in the comics, and a Kitty Pryde solo movie is currently in talks, we could catch at least a glimpse of the phasing mutant in the film. Whether she’d be portrayed once again by Page or another actress is open to debate.


20th Century Fox/Young Rictor in Logan (2017)
Julio Richter is yet another popular love interest of a Deadpool 2 character that many are hoping to see in some capacity. Aside from being an original member of X-Force in the comics, the terrakinetic mutant is the boyfriend of interdimensional warrior Shatterstar.  Having Rictor be at least brought up by Shatterstar (Lewis Tan) is something plenty of fans are hoping for; it would also be a rare moment of acknowledgment of LGBT superheroes in a major Marvel movie.
Rictor has already appeared in 2017 Wolverine film Logan, where the mutant (portrayed by The Get Down’s Jason Genao  ) was the leader of a band of young, genetically engineered mutants from Mexico to safety in Canada. While this objectively presents an issue regarding his ability to appear in Deadpool 2 as Logan’s Rictor is a teenager in a dystopian future years after the events of the upcoming movie, time-travel (along with the notoriously discombobulated X-Men movie timeline) and casting a new adult actor can easily make it a non-issue.


20th Century Fox/Laura in Logan (2017)
Also debuting in Logan, the young clone of Wolverine is yet another character whose appearance could be facilitated by time-travel. Portrayed by Dafne Keen, Laura completely stole the show from her ‘father’ in Logan and left audiences begging for more. A screenplay for a sequel starring the little mutant was even started by James Mangold, but the Fox-Disney deal has apparently put that particular project in jeopardy of completion.
Laura’s appearance in the movie, whether portrayed by Keen or an older actress, would help fill the void of future cinematic appearances as well as the one left by her progenitor. If it went over particularly well it could even lead to more appearances and perhaps the greenlighting of Mangold’s film. And of course, Deadpool 2’s R-rating would no doubt give us some exciting and explicit scenes of the lethal mutant wreaking havok amongst X-Force’s foes.
Any details about the subject of the secret cameo are extremely unlikely to appear before the film comes out May 18, 2018. Until then we will just have to content ourselves with speculations as we wait to see who was right.
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