Terrorist Responsible For Killing Three In France Terror Attack Identified As Redouane Lakdim

Redouane Lakdim, 25, has been identified as the man responsible for killing three people during today’s terror attack in Trebes, France. According to reports, Lakdim opened fired on Friday morning in a Super U supermarket. In addition to the three people who were killed, over a dozen people were also injured in the attack. He was reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ during the attack. Lakdim was eventually shot & killed by French police.
Police believe the supermarket shooting was linked to an earlier attack on police officers. Lakdim reportedly shot at four police officers in a drive-by shooting in the French city of Carcassonne. Furthermore, he attempted to ram the officers with his vehicle. Police later found the same car seen at Carcassonne at the Super U in Trebes.
After taking hostages at the Super U, the attacker claimed to be an ISIS soldier and demanded the release of Salah Abdeslam, the lone surviving suspect from the 2015 terror attack in Paris that killed 130 people.
Redouane Lakdim killed three people in total – two hostages and one person earlier, in Carcassone. According to reports from French media, the terrorist’s mother was reportedly brought in an effort to talk Lakdim down. Reports indicate that he said: “This is for Syria, I’ll kill you all.”

At the time of the incident, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said that all information suggested that the shooting inside the Super U supermarket in southern France and the earlier shooting of a police officer “seemed to be a terrorist act.”
Furthermore, reports indicate that Lakdim, a Moroccan national, was previously flagged as a potential extremist and was known to French authorities.
France has been the site of many deadly terror attacks since 2015. A state of emergency put in place after the 2015 attacks in Paris was just lifted in October of 2017.

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