WATCH: Police Officer Catches Woman Bare Handed (FULL VIDEO FOOTAGE)

In this viral video, a Chinese policeman identified as Abdusalam Abulati, caught a woman plunging off a window with his bare hands. According to the footage, the woman was sitting on a window ledge nearly 10 feet high before falling off the building.

What happened?–ZDzII

It is believed that Abulati and his colleagues were patrolling near a foot massage parlor near 4 A.M. when the incident took place. The woman was said to have argued with her husband before she fell off the building.
At this time, the exact reason why the woman fell was not immediately clear. In their coverage of the story, Daily Mail claimed that the woman was believed to be “suicidal” but that her fall from the building had been accidental.

What happens now?

For his efforts, Abulati endured spinal compression fractures, sending him to a local hospital for treatment; it is believed that the woman did not endure any injuries from the fall.
According to a Daily Mail translation of Pear Video, which gave a brief interview with Abulati while in the hospital, after showcasing him saving the woman, he was reported to have said:

“I didn’t too much and just rush to save her [sic].”

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