Printable NCAA Bracket 2018: March Madness Tournament PDF

Although there are always the overconfident participants that wholeheartedly believe that they have the most prestigious and stellar brackets of the year, those individuals would be wise to exercise some haste when making their final selections. While excelling in a given March Madness pool is almost always a crap shoot, this year, in particular, will be extremely chaotic considering the plethora of competitive programs that exist in this beloved sport.

Of course, the most difficult question to fathom is also the most obvious as it pertains to filling out your bracket: how many upsets do you select and which ones are the most likely to occur? Although there are several so-called “experts” that would lead you to believe that there is an objective and precise way to find and select these underdogs, sadly this is not the case. Ultimately, it takes a keen eye to look at both the statistics and actual game film to discern which underrated programs have what it takes to dethrone their higher seeded opponents.

Regardless, whether you win your tournament pool or your bracket becomes busted within the first weekend, the excitement and joy that comes with watching this wildly entertaining tournament will never fade. In fact, the reason so many individuals participate in this tournament every year is in the hopes of overcoming the odds to win, even if they are aware that such aspirations are wholly unrealistic. It is this mostly luck driven event that keeps us glued to our seats while our minds are continuously baffled at the varied and almost unbelievable outcomes.

So, good luck fellow college basketball aficionados and opportunistic bracket analyst, you’re going to need it. Here is the printable March Madness bracket.

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