2018 CWL Atlanta Open: Full Day Two Schedule & Matchups

Thanks to the amazing folks at Activision/Blizzard & MLG, COED has been invited to attend the 2018 Call of Duty World League Atlanta Open this weekend to watch all the matches live and to get some interviews with some players from the top teams competing in the Open.

After a pretty hectic first day, the 2018 CWL Atlanta Open kicked off yesterday, Friday, March 9th, with a full day’s worth of matches between some of the world’s best Call of Duty players. With over 160 teams converging on the Georgia World Congress for their chance at getting into the major leagues and to have a shot at the $200,000 Prize Pool, the day was packed with soaring wins and some bitter losses.

The 2018 CWL Atlanta Open follows the Dallas and New Orleans events which took place earlier this year, becoming the third major event for Call of Duty World War II. With the season now in full swing, the 2018 CWL Atlanta Open event provides teams with an opportunity to show off their talents for a shot in the big leagues.

Fans can catch all the action live on the official Call of Duty Twitch stream which you can find here and in case you missed any of the action yesterday, MajorLeagueGaming has posted the entire Day 1 stream on YouTube.


Major teams that have won or placed high in previous events like Team Kaliber, Luminosity Gaming, Rise Nation, and Red Reserve EU have been bringing their all and are about to take on the second full day of games for their shot at the prize pool.

The first day of matches was a long hard day full of victories and some shocking losses from some promising teams. Two-time back to back winners of the last two CWL opens, Team Kaliber, showed signs of a struggle after Luminosity Gaming pulled the rug out from under them and beat them in a sweep.
Also, many of the European teams competing in the open have also been showing signs of struggle. Collectively winning a total of 2 games out of 12; many are worried that the European style of CoD Pro play won’t be properly shown off this weekend. Time will tell and it’s only the second day, anything can happen and it seems like anyone could walk away with the victory.
We’ll be on site today to get some one-on-one time with some of the players and hopefully some tips…. cause I still suck at Call of Duty.

CWL Atlanta Open Day Two Schedule:

Saturday, March 10th 2018
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