‘The Sopranos’ Is Back; David Chase Announces New Prequel Movie

David Chase, the creator of the groundbreaking series The Sopranos, has long said that the series was done and that there would be no continuation following the series finale in 2007. However, what about a pivot to the silver screen? Well, on March 8th it was reported by Deadline that a screenplay for a Sopranos prequel film had been purchased by New Line Cinema. The movie, titled The Many Saints Of Newark, will take place in the 1960s in Newark, New Jersey. Deadline summarized what little is known about the plot:

“The working title for a feature prequel of The Sopranos that is set in the era of the Newark riots in the ’60s. That was a time when the African-Americans and the Italians of Newark were at each other’s throats, and amongst the gangsters of each group, those conflicts became especially lethal.”

It is an exciting concept, and to say we are pumped about it would be a massive understatement.

The show will feature characters will include Tony’s father Giovanni, aka “Johnny Boy,” Tony’s mother Livia, who was a pivotal character in the early seasons of the show, as well as Tony’s uncle, Junior Soprano.

Warner Brothers Group Chairman Toby Emmerich has this to say about the announcement:

“David is a masterful storyteller and we, along with our colleagues at HBO, are thrilled that he has decided to revisit, and enlarge, the Soprano universe in a feature film.”

Even though it’s a movie, it has to have some sort of montage scene that rivals the intro to the show because that opening theme is one of the greatest of all time.

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