Who Won March Madness 2017? Game Stats Breakdown







As college fans prep themselves for another season of March Madness fun, we’ll take a look back at last year’s epic tournament. Only the cream of the crop in college basketball were able to earn a spot in the 2017 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.
A total of 68 teams out of 336 were selected to compete in four weeks of March Madness. From March 14 to April 3, the battle lines were drawn, as the best in college basketball competed for the right to be called that year’s March Madness champions. But out of all the teams who qualified who won this distinction this year? Who won the 2017 March Madness Tournament?
In early April 2017, the final four teams battled it out to determine the March Madness winner. The four teams were the Gonzaga Bulldogs, the North Carolina Tar Heels, the Oregon Ducks, and the South Carolina Gamecocks. Let’s take a look at how the final four played out…

March Madness 2017 Final Four

  • Gonzaga Bulldogs defeat South Carolina Gamecocks, with a score of 77-73
  • North Carolina Tar Heels defeat Oregon Ducks, with a score of 77-76
  • North Carolina Tar Heels defeat Gonzaga Bulldogs, with a score of 71-65

North Carolina Tar Heels won March Madness 2017

The Tar Heels was a team on a mission right out of the gate at March Madness. They exerted dominance early on in the tournament, easily knocking off the Texan Southern Tigers with a score of 103 to 64 in the first game of the series. They continued to plow through the South Regional division all throughout March, taking out teams such as Arkansas (72-65), Butler (92-80), and Kentucky (75-73).
North Carolina almost got knocked out of the final four in a close game against Oregon. The Tar Heels only narrowly defeated the Ducks, with a score of 77-76.
The Tar Heels moved onto the finals to face off against a team of hungry Bulldogs. On April 3rd, North Carolina reigned supreme, defeating Gonzaga in the National Championship Game to become the 2017 March Madness champions.


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