Attention Ball Family Haters: Lonzo Ball Lost A Shooting Contest To LIL BOW WOW

There’s no shame in being a Ball family hater, as Lavar and his sons are merely reaping what Daddy Ball sowed. And I’m not a bad guy because I don’t like the Ball family, that was Lavar’s plan all along: you’re either gonna hate him, or you’re gonna love him, but either way, you’ll probably talk about them.
And that’s what we’re doing here, and ultimately why Lavar Ball is winning this little game of his: we’re talking about the Balls.
Earlier this morning, the artist formerly known as Lil Bow Wow, Shad Moss, posted a video to his Instagram of him and Lonzo Ball (the man the family should be calling Daddy considering he’s likely the ones paying the bills) having themselves a little shooting contest. And if Bow Wow’s IG caption is to be believed (remember now, Moss has a history of Instagram shenanigans), he actually beat Zo Ball in one of those challenges.

Now, while we all know Lonzo Ball may have the second most broken shot in the league (behind Markelle Fultz), an NBA athlete who was the second pick in the draft losing to a non-athlete is indefensible. Again,this is all assuming Bow Wow’s caption is to be believed, which is a stretch at best.

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