Your Night Just Got A Little Better With The New Uber Express POOL

Rideshare services are the hidden knights of America. They’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They blend in with traffic and at a moments notice, are there to help a passenger in need. Sure, sometimes they’re questionable navigators and engage in unprovoked debates, but their profession is a noble one. They are defenders of the night, taking you to and fro your evening escapades.
Now with Uber Express POOL, your nightly horizons can expand and you can save. The new service is supposedly 75% cheaper than UberX and up to 50% cheaper than UberPOOL.

What Is Uber Express POOL?

It’s the quickest and cheapest service on the Uber app because it uses a new system to pick up and drop off POOL riders on a more direct route. The trick? Walking. So simple it just. might. work. Once a rider requests an Uber Express POOL, they’ll be prompted to walk to an Express spot nearby. Ideally, that rider’s assigned pickup location will line up with other passenger’s Express spots. Ultimately, each passenger will be dropped off at another Express spot that is both along the route and close to their inputted address. The result is a streamlined ride with fewer turns and circles and thus, cheaper fairs and shorter ETAs.

How Does It Work?

The new service appears to be pretty intuitive and user-friendly. First, open the Uber app and choose Uber Express POOL as your rideshare option. The first time you use it, the app will prompt you with some useful information about it.
Once Express POOL is selected, Uber will start gathering information for your ride. This may take a little longer than normal because there are more algorithms in the mix. Based on your co-rider(s) and driver locations, you’ll be assigned a pickup location (within a few blocks of where you are), walking directions, and the ETA of your pickup time.
Once you’re in the car, the app will choose your best drop-off location. No, this probably won’t be at your front door, but it also won’t require too much additional cardio. You’ll also get walking directions to your final destination so just follow the yellow brick road after drop-off.

What Cities Will Have It?

It originally piloted in San Francisco and Boston so they’re already with the new wave. As of today, Wednesday, Feb. 21, Uber Express POOL has also officially launched in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, San Diego, and Denver. The rest of the U.S. is expected to buffer until the national rollout in late March.

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