The Honest Trailer For 'Justice League' Says What We're All Thinking About The Movie

If you’re being honest with yourself — which you should always be — then there’s no other way of slicing it: Justice League STUNK.
The plot was a disaster and the CGI was worse. The movie had the tone of two different films mashed into one. Ben Affleck‘s Batman, who was surprisingly the best part of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, was the epitome of an actor just going through the motions to cash a check.  Even Wonder Woman, as this trailer deftly points out, was a shell of the heroic version of herself seen in her origin movie.
Could this abomination of a movie been avoided? Tough to say.
Fanboys are currently clamoring Zack Snyder’s cut of the film — the version made before Joss Whedon got his grubby one-liner filled borderline-misogynistic hands on it — however, those same fanboys were the ones ripping him for Batman v. Superman. So you KNOW Justice League is bad if it’s making fans remember BvS in a favorable light.

As far as fans know, Warner Bros. is planning to go full steam ahead with their DCEU, so hopefully, they make the necessary course corrections that produce more films like Wonder Woman and less like Justice League.

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