'Justice League' Premiered Last Night & The Reviews Are In

After years of rumors, hype, delays, controversy, and anticipation, Justice League is finally hitting theatres this Thursday night and in case you’re wondering … yes, I have already bought tickets.
No, but seriously, in case you’re wondering, the first social media reviews have started to pour out and they are, as Larry David would say … pretty, pretty good. Not great, not bad, but pretty good. And after the divisive mess that was Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, “pretty good” is really all DC and Warner Bros could hope for.


The consensus seems to be while the plot and CGI are lacking, the characters, comedy, chemistry and action seem to be on point.


However, despite the fact that initial reviews seem overall positive, reports indicate that Rotten Tomatoes will be withholding the film’s score until early Thursday morning. 
Whatever the ultimate Rotten Tomatoes score may be, in our opinion, anything with Gal Gadot is worth seeing, whether you like superheroes or not.

Ben Affleck Wants Out As Batman
Ben Affleck Wants Out As Batman
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