Marjory Stoneman Student Who Shielded His Classmates From Bullets Expected To Recover

One of the survivors of the Parkside shooting, Anthony Borges, managed to save his classmates by using his body as a human shield, as confirmed by other surviving students.

What happened?

One of Borges’ classmates and friends, Carlos Rodriguez, told ABC News that he only survived because of Borges’ actions, giving the following statement:

“None of us knew what to do. So, he took the initiative to just save his other classmates.”

According to the account, Borges and his classmates rushed to hide in a classroom as the shooting occurred, as the gunman, later identified as Nikolas Cruz, fired randomly and rapidly at students. Borges was the last of a group of 20 students who fled into a room and tried to look the door when he was shot. Holding his ground in the doorway, he allowed himself to be shot so help his classmates. The group of 20 students all survived the incident uninjured, thanks in part to Borges’ actions.

Who is Anthony Borges?

Borges is a soccer player at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and was believed to be 15-years-old at the time of the shooting.
During the Parkside shooting, allowing himself to serve as a human shield to protect his classmates, he was shot four time, in the back and in both legs, although he survived the incident.
Anthony later called his father, Royer, shortly after the attack, describing the shooting. For his part, Royer gave the following message to ABC News:

“He just called me and says, ‘Dad, somebody shot me in the back and my leg, too.”
“He’s my hero.”
“I only ask that people pray for him.”

What can you do to help?

According to the Miami Herald, a GoFundMe page has been developed to help the Borges family, with the following mission statement:

“Anthony is a victim of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  During this unspeakable tragedy, Anthony was able to save about 20 other students as he attempted to close and lock the door to a classroom.  He was shot multiple times (both legs were shot, left upper thigh bone shattered and one bullet went through his back).  He has a long road of recovery ahead of him but he is alive and stable.”
“Our thoughts and prayers are with Anthony and his family.  Any help is very much appreciated.”

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