Randall Margraves: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Larry Nassar Attacker

Randall Margraves, a father of three daughters who were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar, rushed the doctor during his sentencing Friday in Eaton County in what would become a viral video. Margraves nearly reached Nassar but was blocked by the doctor’s attorney, Matthew Newburg, later being restrained by at least three deputies. He was later handcuffed by MSU Police Detective Andrea Munford.
According to Lansing State Journal, Margraves could be heard saying while being tackled, “Give me one minute with that b*stard.”

Who is Randall Margraves?

Margraves is the father of three daughters, Lauren, Madison Rae and Morgan, each of whom were sexually assaulted by Larry Nassar.
Each gave testimony against Nassar. Lauren and Madison Rae had finished speaking when their father addressed the judge, while Morgan read her victim impact statement during the January sentencing.

What happened?

Following their statements, Margraves asked the judge the following:

“I would ask you as part of this sentencing grant me five minutes in a locked room with this demon.”

Eaton County Circuit Judge Janice Cunningham explained she could not allow that, giving the same response when Margraves asked her for only one minute alone with Nassar.
Assistant Attorney General Angela Povilaitis warned the gallery not to repeat Margraves’ action, adding:

“You cannot behave like this.”No one can behave like this. I want to make sure it’s crystal clear.”

In response, Margraves stated, “You haven’t lived through it, lady.” Povilaitis responded with, “This is letting him have his power over us.” She later added:

“We cannot behave like this. I understand this is a remarkable situation. But you cannot do this. This is not helping your children. This is not helping your community. This is not helping us.”

At this point, Margraves was then removed from the courtroom.
Cunningham added:

“If it is hard and difficult for me to hear what his daughters have to say, I can’t image what it is like for a parent.”

What happens now?

According to Click On Detroit, Margraves is currently being held on the judge’s orders, according to the Eaton County sheriff. Cunnigham will review the incident as a possible assault.
According to the sheriff, although Margraves did not manage to physically touch Nassar, the threat alone could merit an assault charge.

WATCH: Larry Nasser Attacked In Court By Victim's Father [VIDEO]
WATCH: Larry Nasser Attacked In Court By Victim's Father [VIDEO]
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