Amsterdam Shooting: Full Story & Must-See Updates

One person has been killed and several people have been injured during a shooting in Amsterdam on Grote Wittenburgerstraat. The extent of the injuries are unknown at this time.

Police in Amsterdam reporting multiple victims from a shooting incident in the city. The incident happened on Grote Wittenburgerstraat street which appears to be a largely residential area.

Authorities, several ambulances, and a trauma helicopter are reportedly at the scene.

The streets around where the incident happened have been sealed off and there is no indication yet as to whether the incident is terror-related. Nobody has been arrested yet.

Schietincident Grote Wittenburgerstraat:

1 persoon is overleden, 2 andere personen zijn met onbekend letsel naar ziekenhuizen overgebracht.
Recherche is uitgebreid onderzoek gestart.
Er zijn 2 PD's ingericht en straten zijn afgezet. Meer info volgt indien beschikbaar.

— Politie Amsterdam eo (@Politie_Adam) January 26, 2018

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