Montana State University’s Alpha Epsilon Being Shut Down For Three Years

via Bozeman Daily Chronicle:

SAE has agreed to close its chapter and the fraternity house at 810 S. Seventh Ave. The charter for the Montana Alpha chapter, as it is called, has been suspended and the undergraduate group disbanded. All current, initiated, undergraduate members have been suspended from the fraternity indefinitely and will not be allowed to reside in the Seventh Avenue house. The local house alumni corporation will continue managing the property, but it will never again operate as a fraternity house.

The agreement follows incidents over the span of several years at the fraternity house and various fraternity activities that endangered student health and safety, MSU Dean of Students Matt Caires said in a news release. The university and fraternity headquarters placed SAE on interim suspension in November.

Caires explained that the agreement means all current members of the SAE chapter are members no more and that the university no longer recognizes the SAE chapter as a student organization. During the three academic years, SAE cannot maintain or support any unofficial groups, either. At the end of that period, provided the agreement is upheld and all standard university requirements are met, MSU will reconsider allowing a future SAE chapter to become a recognized student group.

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