At Least 7 Students Suspect Were Drugged At Stanford Fraternity House Party

At least seven Stanford University students were allegedly drugged while attending a fraternity party at the Sigma Chi house on Friday, January 12, according to reports.
Five members of Pi Beta Phi and two male members of the school’s row team suspect that they were drugged by someone who does not attend the university. The Stanford Daily reports that the five Pi Beta Phi members and two rowers suffered from symptoms that “aligned with that of Xanax or a similar benzodiazepine.”
According to reports, one of the two rowers was transported to a local hospital, despite his blood alcohol content being “too low to have warranted a transport.” The second rower also went to the hospital voluntarily and “tested positive.”

via Stanford Daily:

The Title IX office is now investigating the incident, and Student Affairs met with the Department of Public Safety in order to file a report on Tuesday because “it is suspected criminal activity,” according to University spokesperson Lisa Lapin. The Monday evening memo stated that at least five members of Pi Phi at the Sigma Chi event experienced unusual symptoms “suspect of drug involvement.” Members said they did not remember what happened the night before although they had not consumed enough alcohol to cause a blackout.
“Symptoms aligned with that of Xanax or a similar benzodiazepine,” the staff member wrote. “But not all members took a drug test and we do not have official evidence.”
Benzodiazepines, also called “benzos,” are a type of drug that functions as a minor tranquilizer – “roofies” (trade name Rohypnol) are a type of benzodiazepine commonly known as a date rape drug. Xanax, also known by the scientific name alprazolam, is a benzodiazepine whose effects last for a shorter time than Rohypnol and is often used to treat disorders related to anxiety or panic.

Sigma Chi, the fraternity where the students were allegedly drugged, issued the following statement:

“Sigma Chi International Fraternity is aware of the allegations that illegal substances were brought into an event by a non-member and provided to attendees without their knowledge and we have begun our investigation into the matter. We are committed to working collaboratively with local authorities and Stanford University to see the perpetrator brought to justice.”

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