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Connor Neurauter, who was sentenced to three months in jail for sexual interference with a 13-year-old Kamloops girl was given some controversial news when he was told his sentenced will be pushed back to May so he can finish his semester at the University of Calgary.
Connor Neurauter, 21, is a former Canadian Junior Hockey player who pleaded guilty to sexual interference with a 13-year-old girl. The original incident happened over 2 years ago when 19-year-old Connor Neurauter received nude photos of a 13-year-old girl.
The decision to postpone his 90-day jail sentence was done with good intentions I believe but it does send the wrong message towards sexual crimes. In a day in age where we are so focused on stopping sexual crimes, this sentence postponement is moving the ball backward.
The mother of the victim is livid at the way the trial has been handled it has taken 2 years to get a conviction in this case because of multiple delays to the trial. The postponement of the punishment is just the cherry on top. She is quoted saying:
“Sorry, he’s unavailable for court because he has a hockey tournament. He’s unavailable for court because he has exams. He’s unavailable to come to his plea on his own because he’s in the middle of studying’,”

“Let’s postpone his jail sentence until May so he can finish his year of university. Nobody has stood up and said no, during the whole thing—there was not one time where the judge or even the Crown said ‘please, this is not right.’ The victims are the ones who have been paying over and over, every time we went to court.”

The Mother isn’t the only one put off by the delayed sentencing, the University of Calgary is being pressured to expel Neurauter from the school and kick him off campus. Students have also stepped up in trying to get him kicked off, they have 9,800 signatures on a petition to kick him out of school. A ruling from the university is expected shortly on whether to let Connor Neurauter finish the semester.
Connor Neurauter was the goalie for the Candian National Team and a “hot shot” in the college hockey world. Social Media is a terrible way to judge people but based off that there is only one word to describe Connor and that is “tool”. He thought his shit didn’t stink and he could do no wrong, probably an outcome of getting away with everything because he was an athlete. He was accused of choking and making a 13-year-old girl send him nude photos over text and Snapchat. He did plead guilty to these accusations. With his hockey career on the downward slope and the lack of education he’s received, I don’t think we will be hearing the name Connor Neurauter in any other capacity than refereeing to this trial.

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