Courtney Roland Photos: Full Story & Must-See Details On Texas A&M Reporter

Courtney Faye Roland, a reporter for the Texas A&M‘s and, went missing Saturday after she covered a report on the Texas elite football camp tryouts in the Houston area. Initially, friends say that Roland was last seen at around 4 P.M., reportedly wearing a Remington hat and camouflage. Another report suggests that Roland was last seen Sunday afternoon in the Houston Galleria area. Roland is a 29-year-old white female who drives a 2015 white Jeep Cherokee with a license plate of HZC 7778. According to family members, her last text message was sent out at about 12:30 A.M. on Sunday.

Update (1/8/2018; 9:51 A.M. EST): Roland’s father reports that his 29-year-old daughter has been found. He told KHOU 11 News that police found his missing daughter unharmed. She has reportedly been taken to a hospital for evaluation. The night before, officers discovered Courtney’s white Jeep Cherokee alone in a parking lot. They also said that they found her purse at a nearby business.

Friends of the missing woman say that she texted her roommate, saying that she was being followed by a “suspicious man” at a Walgreens in Houston Heights. Brian Perroni, a recruiting insider for 247Sports, tweeted that Roland was spotted on Sunday afternoon in the Houston Galleria area. According to the tweet, she was seen wearing an orange Remington hat and a camo fleece. Once again, Courtney Faye Roland has been found unharmed.

Perroni has not provided any more information as he said that he doesn’t want to compromise the mission. He is reported to be with the Roland family as this story develops.

What Happened?

Courtney Roland’s friend, Autumn Vara, took to Facebook to write, “Hi guys, as of 1/7/18 we have filed a missing persons report for Courtney Roland. She was last confirmed seen 1/6/18 at 4 pm leaving football camp in Houston. The last communication was via text at 12:30 am 1/7/18. She was worried that she was being followed by a blue truck leaving Walgreens, location unknown. Last heard wearing Remington hat and camo and in a white Jeep Cherokee. PLEASE SHARE and reach out to any of us or missing persons at 832-394-1840. Prayers out to her family during this difficult time.”
Vara spoke with KPRC-TV and told them that Courtney had texted her saying that the “suspicious man” followed her home in a blue truck. When Roland parked in her drive, the suspicious man reportedly looped around and parked right behind her. When Roland exited her vehicle, the blue truck reportedly sped off and that was the last time Vara heard from her friend. She was supposed to meet up with Roland that night, but she hasn’t heard from her since receiving that text message about the “suspicious man.”
According to Vara, Roland’s vehicle had been broken into about six months ago, and as a result of Roland “has been on high alert since.”
Earlier Saturday, Courtney was at a tryout for Team Texas Elite, a travel football club, which is located at The Village School, 2005 Gentryside Drive, in Houston. The team sent out a tweet on Sunday evening following her disappearance, writing “Folks if any had seen Courtney Roland with Rivals we need to know… last seen at TTE tryouts at 4:10 pm.”

Although, the team said she left in an Uber. A friend of Courtney clarified that she used an Uber earlier in the day and was driving her SUV later on that night when she was followed by a “suspicious” man in a blue truck.
“She got in an Uber around 4 pm and after that went to a Walgreens on 20th and Yale in her own car around midnight,” according to her friend, Courtney Cockrell’s Facebook account.
Friends initially reported that Courtney was last seen at the tryouts. But new information is suggesting that Courtney was last seen in the Houston Galleria area Sunday afternoon.

A friend by the name of Gabe Bock, wrote on Twitter, “My goodness. Courtney Roland is a wonderful person and I’m hoping and praying like crazy for some good news. One of the really sweet, truly great people in our industry and a great Aggie.”

Roland’s mother, Cindy Snead Roland, spoke with KPRC-TV about a strange text message she received from Courtney’s phone on Sunday. The message reportedly said, “hello the owner of this phone Courtney. I am buying an iPad.”
A missing person’s report was filed for Courtney Faye Roland at about 4 P.M. on Sunday.
Courtney Faye Roland was found unharmed, according to her father, who credits the local police with discovering his daughter.

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