Who Is Ann Kuroki? Former High School Coach Info

An Idaho high school basketball coach, Ann Kuroki, was arrested after police found evidence of a sexual relationship with a male student.
According to KMVT-TV, police were alerted to what happened between Kuroki and the student through an anonymous tip.

Originally coaching Gooding High’s boys’ junior basketball varsity team, Kuroki was considered an “at will” employee by the school district, although earlier police reports identified her as a teacher. Since the arrest, the school district has terminated Kuroki’s employment and is conducting their own internal investigation.

Who Is Ann Kuroki?

According to Daily Mail, Kuroki graduated from Southern Virginia University in 2015, as claimed by her LinkedIn page and the school’s website, and she is also believed to have been part of her school’s tennis team; having enrolled in 2012, she ultimately earned a degree in general studies and humanities. Her Facebook account (which appears to have been deleted or set to private) claims that she grew up in Hershey, Nebraska. Other states she was believed to have lived in at different times over the years were Nevada, Texas, Oklahoma.
Her Instagram account (which had been set to private) claims that she moved to Idaho in early 2017, having previously lived in California. As she wrote in one post:

“Moving here 6 months ago has been the most mentally challenging transition I’ve had to make coming from a completely different life/lifestyle in California. But the lessons I’ve learned and blessings I’ve received let me know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be; no matter how temporary.”

Kuroki is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday. The same day, the school board listed Ann Kuroki’s termination as an agenda item.
If convicted, Kuroki could face up to 25 years to life in prison, depending on the charges filed against her.

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