Bronx Furniture Store Fire: Full Story & Must-See Details

More than 200 firefighters battled a blaze that erupted at a furniture store in the Bronx at 5:30 A.M. Tuesday morning. A total of 16 people were injured in the fire, but no deaths have been reported, according to Daily Mail UK. The blaze reportedly broke out at a four-story building in the Parkchester neighborhood at the corner of East Tremont Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue. Altogether, 168 firefighters are currently battling a massive blaze in the Bronx, New York. This fire comes less than a week after the deadliest apartment fire to hit the Bronx in 25 years, killing 12 people.

According to CBS New York, a total of 168 firefighters are combating the flames while outside in below freezing temperatures of 15F (-9C). Firefighters are attending to the fire in the furniture store, which is on the first floor of the four-story building. The three top floors are used for apartment purposes. There are 12 apartments in totals within the four-story building.

Twelve people have been injured. Much of the injuries sustained as a result of the fire appear to be non-life-threatening.

A multitude of firefighters is combating a five-alarm blaze. Firefighters broke through windows as a means to get people out of the building as smoke and flames rose to the top floor. According to reports, one woman woke up her neighbors by banging on their door, just in time to evacuate the burning building. Meanwhile, another woman exited the building with her two dogs after she was alerted to the fire by the smell of smoke.

“I woke up my husband, my kids and said listen there’s a fire in the building,” the woman said ABC 13. “By the time we opened the door in the hallway, there was black smoke.”

At this moment, the case of the fire remains unknown.

In a similar story: Less than a week ago, a three-year-old boy started the deadliest fire to hit the Bronx in a quarter century. He allegedly started the fire by playing with the knobs on the family’s stove.

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