Casey Neistat Net Worth 2019: How Much is Neistat Worth Now?

Out of the all the perpetually trending YouTube personalities such as Liza Koshy, David Dobrik, and PewDiePie, the 36-year-old high school dropout turned YouTuber known as Casey Neistat has become extremely influential to the platform through gradual successes.

Currently, Neistat has an immense following of 7 million subscribers on his own YouTube channel where most of his content ranges from 7-12 minute vlogs and short films that continuously receive millions of views. Neistat’s social media following is also massive with 2.7 million followers on Instagram, 1.4 million followers on Twitter, and over 8,000 followers on Facebook. Each of Neistat’s videos is unique and stylistic and they are almost shot like a director shooting a film. He utilizes various camera angles, music choices, random sets of people as his actors, a certain daily objective for his plot, and his remote controlled self-moving skateboard that he rides comfortably around dense city traffic. In past years, Neistat has been awarded for his content. In 2010, he won the John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirit Awards. In 2016, he won YouTuber of the Year at the Shorty Awards, New Media Star at GQ Men of the Year, and both Best First-Person Series and Best Editing at the Streamy Awards. With all of his successes from YouTube how much is Neistat’s actual net worth?

Casey Neistat’s Net Worth as of 2019: $12 Million

This amount is actually uncommon when it comes to newly recognized YouTubers, the majority of popular YouTubers such as Lilly Singh and Hank Green normally have net worths ranging from $2-$5 million dollars. YouTubers such as PewDiePie or Smosh who have been with the platform have net worths that range from $11-$18 million dollars. Also, on November 28, 2016,  Neistat sold his social media app Beme to CNN for a deal valued at $25 million dollars. This acquisition was made by CNN as a goal to increase their range to more millennial viewers. Beme is soon set to launch an app that focuses on daily news that will be around 10 minutes long and initially run four days a week.


Before Neistat’s colossal YouTube fame, Neistat faced a rough time trying to find his direction in life.  He dropped out of high school at age 15 and had a son with his former girlfriend, Robin Harris. Between the ages of 17-20, Neistat resided in a trailer park with Harris and their infant son, Owen. To provide for his new family he had to become a dishwasher in Connecticut and then moved to New York City where he became a bike messenger. Neistat began his filmmaking career through series of short films such as Work with Tom Sachs in 2001, iPod’s Dirty Secret in 2003, and Science Experiments in 2004. Neistat’s film career became highly noticeable after HBO purchased an eight-episode television series that was made by Neistat and his brother Van called The Neistat Brothers. The film served as an autobiography into the brother’s lives and received mixed critical acclaim from The Hollywood Reporter, The Washington Post, and Variety.


Neistat gathered more success when he started to create short films on YouTube in 2010. He uploaded short videos such as videos criticizing the MTA as to instructing when to use New York City Subway emergency break cords and another criticizing the NYPD for ticketing cyclists if they ride outside their bike lanes. In the time period spanned from 2010-2017, Neistat’s 7 million followers have been gained from the spontaneous, creative, and constantly unique content of his daily vlogs and short films.

It will be interesting where Neistat’s career will lead him next especially with his news show for CNN intended to be dropping soon. Maybe Neistat’s fame will extend to more than just YouTube but only time will tell. Neistat continues to live in New York City with his wife Candace Pool with Casey’s son Owen and daughter Francine.


Casey Neistat was caught sandboarding in Dubai dessert during his stopover tour of Dubai.


Casey Neistat’s followers are growing every year and currently, he has 10,906,886 followers on his YouTube channel.

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