New Years Memes 2018: Best Jokes, Funny Photos, GIF's & Images

New Years represents a time where a new calendar year begins, which in most cases occurs on Jan. 1. Although most calendar systems use the Gregorian calendar, some other parts of the world go by a different one. This means that their new year starts on a different day than ours. Some parts of the world count years numerically, while others don’t.
The Roman Empire, for example, used to enter the new year on May 1, before 222 BC. From 22 BC to 154 BC, they marked the new year on March 15. The Romans didn’t start using January 1 as the new year mars until 153 BC. This dateĀ  became the official first day of the new year in 45 BC when Julius Ceaser’s new Julian calendar took effect.
Although many different parts of the world took their own paths to get there, January 1 is the universal start of the civil year, even though some places like Turkey and Thailand didn’t adopt this standard until much later. Turkey made January 1 the start of the new year in 1926, followed shortly after by Thailand in 1941.
Regardless of your time or place, New Years is quickly approaching and what better way to ring in the new year than with some memes? We all know that memes pretty much complete the internet, so why not end 2017 right with some of the best New Years GIFs and memes.
Sure New Years is about new beginnings and resolutions and reflecting, but it can also be about memes, if you find the right ones of course. Don’t worry, I’ve gathered some of the best New Years memes and GIFs around and put them all right here for you! You’re welcome.
With that being said, put down your noisemakers and get ready for memes, one of the only things that didn’t disappoint us in 2017.

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