‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars Now Officially Know How The Series Is Going To End

Production on Game Of Thrones final season has officially been underway for over two months now, meaning not only have the actors read season 8’s script, but are likely acting it out as we speak.

When we last left our Westerosi heroes, the Starks were manning Winterfell preparing for the Great War, Jaime Lannister was headed north to join them, while the Night King and his new found toy, an undead dragon, were ripping through the Wall. Less than ideal, to say the least.

And in just another year or so — but likely not until 2019 — we’ll all know how all these tantalizing storylines come to an end. But, like I said, the actors themselves already known, and are starting to give vague opinions on the ending itself.

Sophie Turner, the gorgeous actress who plays Sansa Stark (and Jean Grey in the X-Men) series, is one of those people who knows the ending and says she’s okay with knowing that not everyone is going to love the ending

via Hollywood Reporter:

Did you ever let yourself imagine what it would feel like once you finally reached the end of the line of Game of Thrones?

“We’ve imagined it for so long. There’s also an ambiguity every season when we would get the scripts: “Is this the season where we die?” To have made it this far is pretty unbelievable, considering the amount of deaths there have been. All of us have always had discussions about theories about what we think is going to happen — who’s going to die, who’s going to end up ruling. Now, we know. It almost feels like another one of our theories. It doesn’t even feel like it’s what’s actually happening. It’s very satisfying.”

Beloved shows have come and gone, and more often than not, there’s at least a vocal minority of fans who are unhappy with the ending. Is there something freeing in knowing some people will be inevitably disappointed with how Game of Thrones ends, even if you find the ending satisfying?

“Absolutely. It almost puts all of our minds to rest, just knowing the ending and being happy with that, no matter if anyone likes it or not. There have been so many theories and so many discussions with what people think is going to happen — where they would like things to go, and who they would like to see in power, and who they want to see die. Finally, just knowing… and for the people, when they watch it, I hope there’s going to be some satisfaction in that it’s come to an end and that’s how it goes. There will be some people who are disappointed, I’m sure, because they will want certain people to end up in certain places. But at this point, I’m just happy with whatever David and Dan choose to do with the story. I’ve trusted them for the past nine or ten years of my life with this. However, they decide to end it is fine by me.”

For more of Sophie’s interview, and therefore more Game Of Thrones tidbits, you can check out the full conversation over on THR. If you’re a Thrones fan like myself, it’s definitely worth it.

Game Of Thrones final season is currently being filmed and is expected to premiere in early 2019.

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