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G-Eazy dropped his third studio album at midnight. The Beautiful & Damned is a double album released by RCA Records (Sony Music). The album was officially released on Friday, December 15, 2017. Some of the guests on G-Eazy’s new album include ASAP Rocky, Cardi B, Charlie Puth, Anna of the North, Kehlani, Jay Ant, and E-40 (a big influence on G-Eazy’s music).
The California-born rapper said that he will call out white supremacists and Trump supporters in his new album (not that the two are one in the same, especially considering that there is Trump supporters of many different ethnic and cultural background). In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, G-Eazy said, “The world is on fire right now, and there are certain things that need to be talked about. When [rapper] YG asked me to do the remix of “F— Donald Trump,” I didn’t think about how that would alienate some of my fans. I just felt like that was something that I had a responsibility to do, and a desire to do.”
G-Eazy revealed the concept of his album in an interview with Angie Martinez:

“The concept of it is kinda split in half and it’s two CDs, but for all intents and purposes its 20 songs, it’s just a long album,” he explained. “The concept of it is kinda like its about the lifestyle, ‘The Beautiful and Damned’. Like being a kid, having the dream of doing this, starting from square one, from outside looking in from without having nothing — to chasing this dream, and then all these years down the road of following this yellow brick road trying to get to where you’re going, one day waking up and being like, ‘Did it take me where I wanted to go?’ This fantasy of, like, sex, drugs, & rock ‘n’ roll is kinda clichéd, but it’s clichéd for a reason. It’s dark.”

The Beautiful & Damned on Spotify

You can listen to G-Eazy’s new album on Spotify. Click here to stream The Beautiful & Damned on Spotify or just look below and listen to the full album right here on COED…
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The Beautiful & Damned on Apple Music & iTunes

You can listen to G-Eazy’s new album on iTunes. Click here to listen to the album on iTunes or Apple Music. Or just look below and listen to The Beautiful & Damned right here on COED…
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The Beautiful & Damned Tracklist

1. “The Beautiful & Damned” Feat. Zoe Nash
2. “Pray for Me”
3. “Him & I” Feat. Halsey
4. “But a Dream”
5. “Sober” Feat. Charlie Puth
6. “Legend”
7. “No Limit” Feat. A$AP Rocky & Cardi B
8. “The Plan”
9. “That’s a Lot”
10. “Pick Me Up” Feat. Anna of the North
11. “Gotdamn”
12. “Leviathan” Feat. Sam Martin
13. “Crash & Burn” Feat. Kehlani
14. “Summer in December”
15. “Charles Brown” Feat. E-40 & Jay Ant
16. “No Less” Feat. Louis Mattrs & SG Lewis
17. “Mama Always Told Me”
18. “Fly Away” Feat. Ugochi
19. “Love Is Gone” Feat. Drew Love
20. “Eazy”

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