Antifa Assaults Father & Son In Berkeley Because They're "Latinos 4 Trump"

A father and son were assaulted by a mob of Antifa activists in Berkeley, California, on Sunday, allegedly because they identified as “Latinos 4 Trump.” In the video, you can see a pack of people yelling and punching the father and son. “That’s my son you’re beating up,” says the father who is being blocked by a man in a yellow shirt.
The father and son try their best to fight back, but they’re chased down and beaten to the ground.
Originally, that day in Berkeley, a right-wing group was planning a “No To Marxism in America” rally, but cancelled the event as they feared a violent altercation would arise. It looks like violence came knocking either way. Antifa was able to find a few Trump supporters and brutalized them in the street while many joined in, cheered on, and pressed record.
Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park was swarmed with black-masked Antifa militants who are looking to silence political dissent by force. MLK park was awash with political violence to silence and beat down anti-communist activists and Trump supporters.
Here’s the father and son collective being mauled by a vicious mob. They’re being treated less than human by a group who was leading the charge in the “Rally Against Hate.”

The father-and-son are Mexican-Americans who agree with Trump’s immigration policy. The angry mob allegedly labeled them as “traitors” for their beliefs.
Antifa believes in spreading their message and silencing “fascism” by any means necessary. This includes violent reprisal for anyone who comes out in support of President Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party. Democracy, eh?
The self-proclaimed anti-fascists (Antifa) found their targets in the park and chased them down like a pack of dogs. At least five people reported being assaulted by militants in black-clad masks. A video of the attacks was posted on YouTube, however the video was deleted because the “Youtube account associated with this video has been terminated,” according to the link of the now-deleted video documenting unprovoked Antifa violence.

Update (9/2/2017; 5:42 P.M.): In an interview with Fresno Bee, Berkeley Police Chief Andrew Greenwood defended how the police handled the protest and said that officers actually let the anarchists into the park to avoid more violence. He said that “the potential use of force became very problematic” and that there was “no need for a confrontation over a grass patch.” Therefore, anarchists were given consent by police to enter the park rather than the previously-held belief that they jumped a police barricade.
Before the canceled “No To Marxism In America” rally, the organizers of the protest denounced racism, white supremacy, and the violent incident that occurred in Charlottesville on August 12. One event organizer is right-wing transgender woman/Trump-supporter Amber Cummings. While the other event organizer was Patriot Prayer organizer Joey Gibson who has disavowed racism in public statements.

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