Who Is William Kelly? Penn State Beaver Shooting Suspect

William Kelly, 52, is accused of shooting his ex-wife Lesli, 49, and himself in the parking lot of Penn State Beaver College on Wednesday afternoon. The shooting occurred at about 3:40 P.M. EST. By the time authorities arrived, both William and Lesli were pronounced dead.

“Please know that the threat has ended and that your safety and security remain our number one priority. Our campus police are vigilant; please avoid the student union building and food services area until further notice,” Penn State Beaver Chancellor Jenifer S. Cushman wrote on the school’s Facebook page.
Cushman added, “We understand this is a traumatic event for our campus community. Students, faculty, and staff who may be in need should contact counseling services at 724-773-3961.”
Lesli and William had recently divorced and were dealing with child custody issues. He reportedly lured her into the parking lot under the pretense of giving her Christmas present to give to their children.

Who is William Kelly?

William Kelly was a 52-year-old man from Hopewell, Pennslyvania. He is accused of shooting and killing his ex-wife in the parking lot of Penn State Beaver College after luring to her death with false promises of Christmas presents for their children. He then turned his weapon on himself. Both William and Lesli were pronounced dead at the scene.
The shooting reportedly took place outside the Student Union Building at Penn State Beaver College.
According to State Police Lt. Eric Hermick, William and his ex-wife had custody issues. Leslie was a food service worker at Penn State Beaver College. Hermick said that William lured his wife into the parking lot under the pretense that he was going to hand over Xmas present to give their children. Instead of a present, he shot her with a .45 caliber handgun before shooting himself dead.
William and Leslie reportedly had three children together, who are now safe with their relatives, according to Pittsburgh-Post Gazette.
Lesli’s father, Donald Stone describes William as an abusive alcoholic, and said that he feared for his daughter’s safey before she divorced William. Stone said, “He was an alcoholic. He was very abusive and he owned a lot of guns.”
Lesli’s fiance, John Ward, said that he made they made at least 50 reports of harrassment and intimidation from the now-murder suspect.
Ward said that he witnessed the shooting firsthand, saying “I will never forgive the man that murdered her right in front of my eyes.”
Lesli’s fiance said that the law didn’t lift a finger despite their numerous reports on William’s harrassing and intimidating behavior before the shooting.
“We told every cop, every judge, the lawyers, people we worked with,” Ward said. “Everyone that knew us knew that we were in fear for her safety. And nobody would lift a finger.”

William Kelly: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Penn State Shooting Suspect
William Kelly: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Penn State Shooting Suspect
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