Overwatch League: Match Schedule & Live Stream Details

After a spectacular first year of the global phenomenon first-person-shooter, Overwatch, Blizzard finally brings the high-energy and lovable franchise to the big leagues with their own E-Sports league called, Overwatch League. When released back in 2016, Overwatch lit the world on fire with its over-the-top action and popular character lineup.
Reaching 35 million players in its first year of release it became apparent that Overwatch was a juggernaut that could not be touched. Fans from around the world began a rabid love affair with the game; from streaming day and night to thousands of Twitch viewers or the immaculate and insanely detailed fan cosplay, it was clear Overwatch was a global phenomenon!
Now with an insanely high player base and players who have mastered the game in and out; Blizzard has created the Overwatch League, a top-tiered Professional E-Sports league dedicated to Overwatch. With 12 teams from all over the world, the stage is set with Preseason matches ready to start on December 6th!

Overwatch League Preseason Match 1 Viewing Details:

What: Overwatch League Preseason ‘Match 1’
Where: Blizzard Arena, Burbank, CA
Date: December 6th, 2017
Time: 7:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM PDT
Watch: Overwatch League Website


Since the announcement of the Overwatch League at 2016’s Blizzcon, fans have been rabid to find out what the teams would look like and what the prize pool may be. Well after all the interest in the League, investors were quick to form TWELVE teams from all over the globe to represent the very best players in Overwatch.
Split into two divisions, the Atlantic Division includes: Boston Uprising (owned by Kraft Group), Houston Outlaws, London Spitfire, Florida Mayhem, New York Excelsior (owned by COO of New York Mets), and Philadelphia Fusion (owned by Comcast).
The Pacific Division includes: Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Gladiators (owned by Kroenke Sports & Entertainment), Los Angeles Valiant, San Francisco Shock, Seoul Dynasty, and Shanghai Dragons.

Overwatch League Preseason ‘Match 1’ Schedule:


Friday December 8th, 2017



As a result of the Comcast-owned Philadelphia Fusion team pulling out of the entire Preseason, the San Francisco Shock team will be playing two matches against the Florida Mayhem and Los Angeles Valiant teams.

While we’re ready to watch all the action unfold in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, we do have to send some hometown love to the New York Excelsior team! Their match against Boston Uprising will take place during the second match of the Preseason on December 7th, 2017 and we’ll be rooting on the team live!
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Watch Match 1 & 2 of the Overwatch League Preseason Here!


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